Latvijas Pasts resumed Mother’s Day postcard sending campaign on social networks, which is much loved by many followers

Latvijas Pasts resumed the Mother’s Day postcard sending campaign, which is much loved by many social network users, encouraging everyone to greet mothers, grandmothers, sisters, girlfriends and other female relatives with specially designed postcards. By logging in on the website through one’s Facebook or Twitter user profile and accurately filling out the specified information fields, anyone could send a holiday greeting to a female addressee across Latvia. A special novelty this year was the collaboration with the band Carnival Youth, as part of which the band delivered a musical surprise greeting in honour of the opening of the campaign, and everyone had the opportunity to listen to the performance on the Facebook page of Latvijas Pasts

This year’s Mother’s Day was celebrated on the 9th of May, and this is the tenth year that Latvijas Pasts has organised the special postcard sending campaign to greet mothers on this beautiful holiday. The campaign resumed after a year-long break affected by the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of emergency in the country.

To send a postcard, Facebook and Twitter users had to log in with their account on the website and they were asked to accurately fill in the specified information fields – given name, surname, address and postcode – and were offered to choose from among the postcards of three different designs for sending. To make sure that the postcode is correct in an easy and convenient way, it is possible to use the address verification tool integrated on the website.

Everyone who managed to get registered in time had the opportunity to send three postcards. However, the number of postcards envisaged for sending was limited, while the response of users to the campaign is traditionally very high, and in order to please their mothers, every greeting sender must hurry to send the desired postcard in a timely manner.

This year a total of 40,500 postcards have been filled in and both the top ten names of mothers and the most popular Latvian cities and their surroundings, to which most of the greetings will go, traditionally remain very similar to the results of other years’ campaigns.

The Mother’s Day postcard sending campaign is the first of the social network campaigns established by Latvijas Pasts, and it has been held since 2011. Interest in this campaign is very high, and it is growing every year. The first Mother’s Day postcard sending campaign held by Latvijas Pasts in 2011 saw the participation of 4,867 Twitter users who filled in about 6,500 postcards.

Source: Latvijas Pasts

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