Interview with the Chairman, Mr. Jean-Paul Forceville

1 January 2021 marks 10 years since you took on the role of Chairman of the PostEurop Management Board, to which we are forever grateful. This equates to 40 Management meetings, up to 10 PostEurop plenaries and numerous official presences.

Drawing on your vast experience, we would like to take this opportunity to ask you to provide us with your ratings on:

PostEurop: Top 3 most memorable moments at PostEurop?

  1. 1. I think of the meeting with commissioner Barnier and many CEOs for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of PostEurop. He delivered an excellent speech (voicing his trust in the posts to develop their cross-border traffic) despite his busy schedule. As we were talking on his way out (we are alumni of the same business school), he suddenly stopped and asked “Would you like to take a group photo?” and he kindly took the time to do it making it a memorable moment for all.
  2. 2. All the meetings with commissioners or vice presidents of the Commission and PostEurop CEOs were also big moments. Despite the stressful preparations, the outcome is always very rewarding.
  3. 3. And I will not forget a meeting with a Director General of TAXUD where I had to be a little… straight to the point!!



PostEurop: Top 3 funniest moments at PostEurop?

  • 1. I’ll never forget the 20th anniversary gala dinner! That was pure fun.
  • 2. All the Plenaries and their gala dinners and excursions are unique and fun moments.
  • 3. The Board members' dinners, especially the day before our meetings.

PostEurop: Top 3 plenaries at PostEurop?

Impossible to choose. All the Plenaries I attended were special. We always receive a fantastic welcome from the organisers.

But I can tell you the one I liked least: 2020! Even if the remote, virtual mode worked well, I badly missed the physical contacts and the one-to-one exchanges we can enjoy during the “regular” Plenaries.

PostEurop: Top 3 challenges you encountered at PostEurop?

  • 1. At first, there was a need to rebuild trust and consensus.
  • 2. Then to strengthen the visibility of the organisation in the European and postal arenas, as well as in the eyes of our members.
  • 3. And to adapt PostEurop to the new postal landscape and make sure that all our members (small ones and big ones) can benefit from their membership.

PostEurop: Top 3 achievements at PostEurop? 

  1. 1. When I see the level of approval of the Management Board’s recommendations by the Plenary, or the number of common positions taken by consensus, even on difficult subjects, I tell myself that we have succeeded in finding serenity and a shared vision of our future.
  2. 2. Our visibility and credibility have increased quite significantly for the benefit of our members, one example could be the debate on cross-border parcels.
  3. 3. We have also developed, even within a more competitive postal sector, benchmarks and transfer of know-how between our members, the aim being to enhance our quality of service for the benefit of our customers.

On another subject, we understand that you are a candidate for the Presidency of the Postal Operations Council (POC) of the UPU in the next cycle.  Based on your experience at PostEurop and involvement at the POC and UPU, here are a few questions on your candidacy.

PostEurop: Top 3 benefits that you would like to bring from PostEurop with you as POC Chair?

  • 1. First, the members’ driven nature of the UPU and the POC. All members should be able to express themselves and to contribute to the decisions. It is what we try to achieve at PostEurop.
  • 2. The orientation to the consensus.
  • 3. A clear and transparent group decision-making process.

PostEurop: Top 3 changes you will bring to improve the POC?

I will follow on from Mr Metoki's excellent chairmanship.

  1. 1. We will have to draw all the consequences of the move to 48 members. In addition, if a country does not participate assiduously in the work, it is the chairperson's responsibility to try to remedy it.
  2. 2. I will reinforce the dialogue with the Council of Administration and the Consultative Committee and be part of the opening-up process of the UPU.
  3. 3. I will also strengthen the dialogue with the restricted unions. That will be easy for me as I have had the pleasure to collaborate with almost all of them during the last 16 years!

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