Royal Mail reveals what Britons will send their mums in the post this Mother’s Day

Over two in five (43%) UK adults plan on sending their mum a present in the post this Mother’s Day, with a quarter (25%) more likely to do this than they usually would, due to lockdown restrictions, according to new research from Royal Mail.

The findings come as the UK continues to adjust to the ongoing impact of lockdown, and more people turn to the mail to make emotional and meaningful connections with their loved ones.

The study, released on Mother’s Day, revealed the nation’s penchant for lovingly handmade gifts. Although flowers (43%) and chocolates (22%) are the most popular choices for postal-bound gifts, personally assembled items such as a care parcel with (we assume) their favourite treats (9%), scrap books (2%) and artwork from the grandchildren (2%), also feature.

Those from Yorkshire and the Humber (49%) are most likely to send a loved one a present in the post this Mother’s Day, followed by those from the East Midlands (48%).

Some of the more unusual gifts in the mail unveiled by the study include bone china mugs, an afternoon tea hamper, and even a raised flower bed!

And Brits are also increasingly turning their thought to cards this Mother’s Day. Nearly a quarter (23%) of UK adults are also more likely to send their mum a Mother’s Day card this year, as a result of lockdown restrictions.

Mark Street, Head of Campaigns at Royal Mail said: “As so many of us brace ourselves for the prospect of spending Mother’s Day apart from our nearest and dearest, there is now – more than ever - a special joy in receiving a present from a loved one in the post. Whether you buy something online or take the time to make your mum something personally, this research clearly demonstrates the innate and heart-warming power of the parcel.”

Source: Royal Mail Group

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