Massive investments to enable growth within Posta Romana

Posta Romana launches the largest investment processes in the last four decades to improve the operational activity in order to increase the quality of postal, parcels and related services, based on the Management Plan and the Multiannual Investment Plan of the company, with implementation for 2020-2025.

These extensive investment processes have been started since 2020, most of them benefiting from financing through a credit from a commercial bank amounting to 40 mil Eur, but also through own budgeting or access to non-reimbursable funds. There will be three major investments, all of these through international procurement procedures, that will transform the operational activity of the company in order to cope with the current tendencies at the level of the postal services sector and more importantly, to meet all the requirements of its clients, both categories, individuals and businesses.

One of the investments envisages the acquisition of an automated sorting line at the Sorting Center in Cluj, in order to increase the sorting operability and the efficiency of processing the volume of shipments in the network, in key areas, with an allocated budget of 3.1 mil Eur. The procurement procedure will be started in April 2021, at this moment the documentation specific to the procurement procedure is being prepared.

A second massive investment is aimed at building a Sorting Center in the northern part of Bucharest, to create new and modern workspaces equipped with high-performance equipment and technology solutions, increase operability and efficiency in processing speed of the volume of postal items in capital with significant implicit impact on domestic, with an allocated budget of 19.4 mil Eur (value given by the Feasibility Study). The procurement procedure will be launched in April 2021, at this moment the feasibility study is completed, the specific documentation of the procurement procedure being in preparation.

A third major investment comprises of three basic components for digital transformation. The first is the integrated computer system component for the implementation of a centralized system, based on modern technologies and architectures that meet the requirements of performance, availability, efficient use of computing resources and data security, while maintaining the functionality of existing services and adapted to different degrees of technical competences in using the applications, an imperative requirement for the continuation of the company's activity. The value of the component is 14.7 mil Eur.

The second component for the digitalization is the management information system (ERP) which will replace the module applications currently used by Posta Romana for the economic, commercial, human resources, real estate, car fleet and operational flows, with a value of 8 mil Eur. The third component targets It & C equipment for hardware and software worth 3.9 mil Eur. Currently, the specific documentation is being rendered in order to launch the procurement procedure for consulting services for the system architecture followed by the acquisition of modules and hardware. The start of the procedure is estimated for March 2021. The total budget for these three components is of 26.6 mil Eur.

The technical team of Posta Romana is fully prepared to receive and address every request for information or any other additional matters on these topics, the main contact person being Ms Oana Albu, project specialist within the Development Financing Department (

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Posta Romana is currently developing five major policies for structural and sectorial reform, namely the Financial and Digital Inclusion Policy of the Romanian population in rural and small-urban areas, the Digital Literacy Policy, the Decarbonisation Policy (through Green Post Program in accordance with EU Green Deal), the Urban Mobility Policy and the Research and Innovation Policy, the last four of them being proposed to be financed through the European Commission Recovery and Resilience Mechanism.

Source: Posta Romana

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