Poste Italiane Q4 & FY-20 Preliminary Results

FY-20 robust net profit at €1.2bn

  • €0.486 dividend ( +5% y/y )
  • Q4-20 revenues up 1.4% to €3.0bn

Rome, 17 February 2021, yesterday, the Board of Directors of Poste Italiane S.p.A. (“Poste Italiane” or the “Group”), chaired by Maria Bianca Farina, approved the consolidated FY 2020 Results, prepared in compliance with IAS/IFRS. Final approval of the 2020 financial statements by the Board of Directors is foreseen on 24 March 2020, the authorisation date of reporting pursuant to IAS 10 of any events after the closure of the financial year. The data and information contained in this document is therefore based on provisional estimates, currently under verification, and have not been audited.

Matteo Del Fante, Poste Italiane Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, commented:

“Poste Italiane reported solid results in the fourth quarter, with all segments contributing to positive operating profitability progression, setting stable foundations for future growth in all our businesses. Parcel volumes at over 210 million have more than doubled since 2016 and for the first time, parcel revenues increase have more than offset mail revenue decline, confirming parcels as a strategic pillar for the sustainability of the logistics business going forward. Our renewed focus on postal savings also allowed us to achieve a record result, with the lowest net outflows since 2012.

During this challenging year we fully benefited from our diversified business model and further strengthened the trust from our customers thanks to the hard work and dedication of our employees. Despite the first, harshest lockdown severely affecting operations for a quarter of the year, the resilience of operations in 2020 led to a net profit of 1.2 billion euro. As a result, our intention is to propose a 0.486 euro dividend, with a 5 percent increase year on year.

We provided unremitting support to our communities, by distributing vaccines and PPEs, by ensuring new ways for our customers to safely carry out their day-to-day transactions, leveraging our state-of-the-art IT platform to provide new services.

Continuing to contribute to a steady recovery from the pandemic remains a priority for us, alongside maintaining financial integrity and keeping our customers and colleagues safe.

We have achieved strong results, while advancing on our strategic priorities. We have streamlined our consumer business and embraced the shift to digital in order to serve our clients the way they want to be served. Now, more than ever, Poste Italiane is seen by Italians as the go-to institution.

We are ready to face the future, leveraging on the strengths of our business supported by our strategic vision, which has already been proven correct in anticipating key emerging trends.”

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Source: Poste Italiane

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