Romanian Post launches "Green Mail" program

Romanian Post is among the first state-owned companies to start implementing the European Green Deal, by purchasing 15 electric vans for Prioripost express courier, thus contributing to reducing carbon emissions in the Capital and reducing the impact on the environment.

The European Commission's strategy for the European Green Pact (Green Deal) emphasizes the efficient use of resources and the transition to a cleaner circular economy. Considering that the courier activity is the third source of pollution in Bucharest, the Romanian Post decided to purchase a lot of electric vans, being among the first state-owned companies to invest in ecological transport.

The 15 electric vans were purchased from SC Renault Commercial Roumanie SRL, the company that won the tender initiated by the Romanian Post. The vehicles, the Renault Kangoo ZE model, in the 2-seater version with Confort ZE 33 equipment, will be used by the Express Services Branch, in Bucharest, and will partially replace the cars older than 10 years, with a degree of advanced wear. Along with the vehicles, 8 recharging stations of two 22 kw sockets were purchased, which were installed at the company's headquarters, located on Calea Giuleşti no. 6-8, in Bucharest.

The total value of the contract is 2.27 million lei and represents both the equivalent value of the necessary vans and charging stations, as well as of the CASCO and RCA insurance services related to them, for a period of one year.

The acquisition was made through the "National Program on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Transport, by promoting clean and energy efficient road transport vehicles 2020-2024". Thus, by scrapping 15 vehicles older than 10 years, the company obtained 772,500 lei (the total value of Rabla Clasic and Rabla Plus tickets), the amount used for the partial payment of the vehicles.

The Romanian Post National Company is taking steps to expand the "Green Post" program, being in direct contact with the Ministry of European Funds and DG Reform (General Directorate for Support for Structural Reforms) to finance technical assistance.

Also, the company's management is analyzing the possibility that the charging stations can be used by other natural or legal persons, owners of electric cars, based on a monthly subscription.

" The European Commission's strategy regarding the European Green Pact focuses on companies with a high carbon footprint, which influences development policies, including the policies of the Romanian Post. The purchased electric vans will contribute to the reduction of noxious emissions for the activity of postal courier that is carried out with intensity in the urban agglomerations. Participating in reducing the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, we are, as the company's slogan says ", said Horia Grigorescu, General Manager of the Romanian Post.

" Renault is recognized as a pioneer of 100% electric mobility and the only manufacturer that has zero-emission commercial vehicles in its range, adapted to the different needs of companies. We are glad that the Romanian Post is one of the promoters of the use of this sustainable mobility solution, proving, once again, the sustained concern for the protection of the environment, but also for its customers ", said Istvan Lorinczi , Special Sales Director of Renault Commercial Roumanie .

About the Romanian National Post Company

Po Sta Romanian is a national company established under Law 31/1990, and not a public institution. It operates on an economic basis, which means that it forms its own revenues from commercial contracts and is therefore self-financing. The Romanian Post is owned by the Romanian state, through the Ministry of Transports, Infrastructure and Communications in proportion of 93.52% , and by Fondul Proprietatea, in proportion of 6.48% .

The company has the largest distribution network nationwide, being the largest employer - over 24,000 employees, with 5,500 post offices / counters / post offices, and over 19 million inhabitants benefit from its services and over 7.5 millions of addresses are covered by your own postal network.

Source: Posta Romana

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