Poste Italiane "leader" in the fight against climate change according to the international organization CDP

The Group led by Matteo Del Fante has been included in the "Leadership" band of the annual ranking drawn up by the independent non-profit organization.

Poste Italiane confirms its role as a world leader also in the fight against climate change. In fact, the company is in the "Leadership" category with an A- rating in the annual ranking drawn up by CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), the independent non-profit organization specialized in environmental reporting and evaluation of performance and climate strategies adopted by companies. The result was obtained by Poste Italiane at its first participation in CDP's Climate Change questionnaire (in which over 9,600 companies worldwide took part this year) and makes the company increasingly attractive to investors who focus on environmental sustainability strategies.

The A- score, on a scale from D- to A, is higher than the European regional average and the average of the intermodal transport and logistics sector. CDP adopts a very detailed methodology that assesses the accuracy of the data provided, the awareness gained on the issue, the evidence of progress made towards the fight against climate change and the objectives and targets defined in the strategy.

The result is of considerable importance in light of CDP's authority, which provides companies, local authorities, governments and investors with a global benchmark environmental measurement and reporting system.  In 2020, 515 investors with $106 trillion in assets asked thousands of companies to participate in CDP's assessment questionnaires.

In particular, the Climate Change questionnaire required to Poste Italiane assessed the company's ability to report emissions and initiatives introduced to reduce its environmental impact and to adopt appropriate solutions for strategic planning and management of climate-related risks and opportunities across the entire value chain.

Poste Italiane has proven to fully grasp the extent of the effects that climate change risks and opportunities can have on the organization. The Group has provided its data in a very consistent and comprehensive manner both on the various types of emissions generated by the organization and on ongoing emission reduction initiatives.

“The recognition of Poste Italiane's leadership position in tackling climate change is further proof of the Company's commitment in recent years - commented Company’s CEO Matteo Del Fante - The integration of sustainability at all levels of the company, with the aim of creating shared value for the country and for our stakeholders, is reflected in this success achieved thanks to a strategy that considers environmental issues in a concrete and effective way in carrying out business activities throughout the country”.

“The assessment obtained by CDP, the most authoritative international observatory on the effectiveness of corporate strategies in the fight against climate change - commented Giuseppe Lasco, Poste Italiane’s Deputy General Manager- shows the goodness of the work done in recent years, and rewards the path of sustainability undertaken through a constant commitment to the proper management of risks and opportunities related to environmental issues. Once again Poste Italiane demonstrates transparency and responsibility in tracking progress towards a future of sustainable growth”.

A comment on the results achieved by Poste Italiane also came from Maxfield Weiss, Director Corporate Engagement CDP Europe: “European companies will be instrumental in overcoming our environmental crises and meeting the EU's ambition to be climate neutral by 2050. Being transparent around environmental impacts and actions is a fundamental part of this. Poste Italiane is among a fast-growing number of European disclosing to CDP annually – by doing so uncovering environmental risks and opportunities, improving their competitiveness and resilience, and tracking their progress toward sound environmental management. Now I look forward to seeing them put in place more ambitious environmental action and continue their journey towards comprehensive environmental stewardship".

The rating obtained by CDP is in addition to the results achieved by Poste Italiane with the entry in the main sustainability indices of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, FTSE4Good, Integrated Governance Index, Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, the "A" rating obtained by MSCI and the award of the “Oscar di Bilancio 2020”, confirming a path that aims at the constant integration of sustainability principles in business strategies.

Following the annual assessment carried out by the prestigious rating agency Vigeo Eiris, Poste Italiane also confirms the third place at European level in the ESG performance evaluation within the "Transports and Logistics" sector and the 47th worldwide. The assessment consolidates Poste Italiane's presence in the Euronext Vigeo-Eiris World 120 index and in the regional Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120 and Europe 120 indexes.

Source: Poste Italiane

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