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Changes within PostEurop Operational Activities Circle (OAC), Corporate Social Responsibility Circle (CSR) and the European Union Affairs Committee (EAC)

We would like to inform you of the recent changes within PostEurop Operational Activities Circle (OAC), Corporate Social Responsibility Circle (CSR) and the European Union Affairs Committee (EAC), which took place after the 120th PostEurop Management Board meeting.

Operational Activities Circle (OAC)

Retail Network Forum

The Retail Network Forum meets once a year and brings together members who are interested in all aspects of postal retail including latest trends, new concepts and successful partnerships.

Continuing the excellent work of Bruno Sattler (Deutsche Post DHL), who stepped down after a long tenure as Chair of the Retail Network Forum is Hörður Jónsson (ĺslandspóstur hf), who stepped up from his previous vice-chair position. You can read more about Hörður here.

Subsequently, Barry Husman (PostNL) and Markus Wimmer (Österreichische Post AG) were both appointed as the new co Vice-Chairs of the Retail Network Forum.

Barry works as Managing Director Retail at PostNL, where he is responsible for both the commercial and operations of the Retail Location Network, in the Benelux region. For his new role, Barry hopes to not only share his professional knowledge, but also showcase the international developments, technology trends and digital solutions at PostNL.   Prior to joining PostNL, Barry worked for more than twenty years at Unilever, where he held several Marketing and Sales functions. He also holds a degree in Economics, from the University of Amsterdam.

Markus has been working for the Austrian Post since April 2014, where he took over as Head of Product Management for self-service postal solutions in the branch network. In this role, he is also intensively involved in the strategic development of the company's branch network and has contributed to numerous initiatives and projects aimed at modernising the postal services sector over the past six years.  Markus graduated from University of Graz in Economics with a master’s degree and a thesis on international affairs and development. After graduating, Markus worked in a coffee and sugar cooperative in Costa Rica, where he established international trade relations and in particular distribution via Fair Trade. Back in Austria, Markus held the position of Head of Product Management Acquiring at a specialized bank for cashless payment before joining the Austrian Post.

Quality of Service & Operations Working Group

The Quality of Service and Operations Working Groups have been working side by side in the last years.  Therefore, the OAC has decided to merge these two working groups into “Quality of Service / Operations Working Group”.  The roles of Chair and Vice-Chair remain at the responsibility of Marko Grden (Pošta Slovenije, d.o.o.) and Drazen Ladis (Hrvatska pošta d.d).  In addition, due to a new internal role, Iwona Majcherek (Poczta Polska) has stepped down as Vice-Chair of the Operations Working Group.

New Operational Data Working Group

Given the increasing relevance of Electronic Advance Data (EAD) in cross border postal services, especially towards the universal obligation to send electronic customs data as of 2021, the OAC has decided to give the topic of Operational Data more attention and establish a new working group. The newly formed Operational Data Working Group will be led by Jørgen Sondrup (Post Danmark A/S).

The working group will address operational data quality, collection, transmission and interfaces, and is therefore clearly distinct from the existing working groups dealing with data protection and digital services. As the physical and electronic aspects of operations are closely interlinked, the working group will meet back-to-back and fully aligned with the Quality of Service / Operations Working Group.  

Jørgen will be supported by the new co Vice-Chairs, Lina Baniene (Lietuvos paštas) and Ilya Baryshev (JSC Russian Post).

Lina began working for the Lithuanian Post (Lietuvos paštas) in 2010, as Key Account Manager, after several years of experience in different sales and marketing functions. In 2014, she joined the company's International Business Department, as Project Manager, where she is directly Involved in several strategic projects. Lina hopes to share the value of qualitative data which is growing in the postal business every day in her role as Vice-Chair as well as her experience and know how, in order to support others in possible solutions for the qualitative data exchange.  After her studies in Business administration from the Vilnius University, she spent her internship year in Sri Lanka where she grew passionate about the international business and cross-cultural environment.

Ilya started his career at Procter&Gamble, where he spent over 3 years in several logistics and IT functions, after graduating in Economics, at the University of Moscow. During the 2014 Sochi Olympic games, he was a volunteer in their logistics group. In the second quarter of 2019, Ilya joined JSC Russian Post, as an Expert in Electronic Data Interchange. He is responsible for the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) program, whose main functionality is to ease the data exchange flow between Postal Operators.

European Union Affairs Committee (EAC)

Data Protection Working Group

The Data Protection working group delves into the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy regulation, how it impacts PostEurop members.

The working group welcomes Dominic Batchelor (Royal Mail Group) the new Vice-Chair of the Working Group, thus replacing his colleague, Sarah Draper.

Dominic is Head of IP & Privacy at Royal Mail, with 20 years’ experience providing legal advice on data protection compliance, strategy and good-practice policies in the postal and other sectors.  His work includes supporting compliant data commercialisation through marketing and other product offerings, and he is a member of the Data Protection Network advisory board.

Corporate Social Responsibility Circle (CSR-C)

Social Affairs Committee

The Social Affairs Committee represents PostEurop at the European Social Dialogue Committee (SDC) for the postal sector.

Jürgen Joos (Deutsche Post DHL Group) has been appointed Vice-Chair of the Social Affairs Committee, thus replacing Jutta Rawe-Bäumer (Deutsche Post DHL Group).

Jürgen works as Vice-President Employee Relations at Deutsche Post DHL Group, where he is responsible for the European Social Dialog in the Postal Sector, the European Workers Council and the relationships with the Global Union Federations. His responsibility also covers Human Rights and labour law related topics including social and ethical audits.

Prior to his current role in Deutsche Post AG, Jürgen was 5 ½ years with the DHL Express Global Head office, where he focused on industrial relations including collective bargaining. Before joining Deutsche Post DHL Group Jürgen was working for one of Europe’s leading logistics companies.  Jürgen holds a German Law Degree and is admitted to the Bar. He also holds a Masters in European and International Trade Law from the Glasgow Caledonian University.

On behalf of all Members, we would like to welcome Hörður, Barry, Markus, Jürgen, Lina, Dominic, Jørgen and Ilya in their new roles and wish them future achievements in their respective functions. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Bruno, Sarah, Iwona and Jutta for all their contribution, dedication, and accomplishments for the greater benefit of the PostEurop community.


Botond Szebeny
PostEurop Secretary General

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