Posten Norge develops a fully electric truck together with Volta Trucks

Norway Post collaborates with Volta Trucks to develop a new type of electric truck that will distribute packages in the center of Nordic cities.

Posten and Bring will test out Volta Zero, the world's first purpose-built fully electric 16 ton truck in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The tests will start in the first quarter of 2021.

We have a goal of using only renewable energy sources on vehicles and in buildings by 2025. To achieve this goal, collaboration with companies like Volta Trucks is crucial. Being the first pilot user of a Volta Truck in Scandinavia sends a clear message about our sustainability intention, and we look forward to a good collaboration to develop the future emission-free trucks, says Kenneth Tjønndal Pettersen, press officer at Posten.

Through the collaboration with Posten and Bring, Volta Zero will be tested in the urban environments where it will be used. It will provide useful knowledge and feedback to those who develop the truck.

Volta Trucks CEO Rob Fowler looks forward to the collaboration.

With Swedish and Norwegian founders, Volta Trucks has strong Nordic roots. Our job is to develop a custom-built electric truck that will provide increased safety for pedestrians and other road users, while providing better air quality for everyone, he says.

I am delighted with this exclusive collaboration so that we can test Volta Zero in the important Nordic markets. Bring imposes strict requirements on their vehicles. We believe the zero-emission Volta Zero with a range of 200 kilometers will fit perfectly. I'm looking forward to getting feedback from Posten and Brings drivers, says Fowler.

About Volta Zero Volta Zero is the world's first custom-built 16-ton electric truck designed for city center distribution. It has a range of 150-200 kilometers and will remove 50 kg of CO2 per 100 kilometers traveled. Volta Trucks wants to be the safest manufacturer of trucks. The Volta Zero is built from the ground up, which makes it easy to design for safety. The fact that it does not have an internal combustion engine means that the driver sits lower than in a regular truck. This, together with a glass cab, gives the driver a 220 degree view, which minimizes the blind zones.

Source: Posten Norge

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