Le Groupe La Poste and its digital subsidiary Docaposte get involved in the Gaia-X project offering a European sovereign digital ecosystem and digital trust services

La Poste, through its digital subsidiary Docaposte, is committed in the European Gaia-X project presented on Thursday 4 June by Bruno Lemaire, France's Minister of the Economy and Finance, and Peter Altmaier, Germany's Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy.

As a founding member of the foundation that will lead the project, Docaposte is contributing its cloud know-how and its experience in the implementation of technological solutions for digital trust.

As a universal exchange operator and trusted third party, Le Groupe La Poste pays particular attention to the development, in all its activities, of a trusted digital environment based on respect for the principles of confidentiality, security and transparency in the use of customer data.

As a player in the digital transformation of businesses and the public sector, Docaposte has recognised know-how in the application of European standards, such as the GDPR, in demanding markets such as healthcare and banking. La Poste's digital subsidiary, the leading provider of healthcare data, operates its own data centres in France and offers a chain of trusted services consolidated by technological building blocks requiring a high degree of security such as digital archiving and digital identity.

On the strength of its beliefs and expertise in data management and protection, La Poste is committed to Gaia-X with the aim of contributing to the implementation of a project guaranteeing European data sovereignty and promoting, as part of the European Commission's data strategy, the emergence of an infrastructure capable of eventually competing with the most advanced solutions at the global level.

"As a long-standing trusted third party, La Poste offers secure digital services, such as the La Poste Digital Identity, the first electronic identity to be certified at the substantial guarantee level by ANSSI, in line with the expectations of personal data protection. Our contribution to the European Gaia-X project, which draws on the expertise of our digital subsidiary Docaposte, is in line with our strategic commitment to trusted digital and the sovereignty of the data that customers entrust to us." said Philippe Wahl, Chairman and CEO of Le Groupe La Poste

Source: Le Groupe La Poste 

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