New activity report shows how bpost Group embraces innovation and takes control of its future

bpost Group has published its new activity report.

In it, the international group explains how it plans to take control of its future by investing in people, innovation, digitalisation and its role in society.

In its activity report bpost Group also explains how it deals with less well-known facets of its activities, in Belgium and worldwide. For example, how CEO Jean-Paul Van Avermaet sees digitalisation not only as a threat but also as an opportunity. And how the company is embracing innovation by experimenting, among other things, with artificial intelligence in the parcel sorting process. bpost Group also explains why it is an essential partner in the continued development of e-commerce. Due to Radial’s potential for bridging the gap between Europe and North America. And due to its role in delivering cross-border parcels from e-commerce giants to consumers.

External experts like Peter Hinssen and Frederik Anseel explain how they see the future of the postal industry.

Jean-Paul Van Avermaet, CEO of bpost Group:

“bpost Group, of course, comprises all the many employees around the world who bring people and companies together, each and every day, by delivering letters, parcels and e-commerce logistics services. But behind the scenes we are investing heavily in innovation, sustainability and digitalisation. Those are essential challenges we are already working on today to ensure we control our own future. We hope this activity report will win the hearts and minds of everyone and show how bpost Group is working today to secure the future.”

Source: bpost

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