Use of protective face masks in Hellenic Post S.A.-ELTA’s post offices, as of Monday, 4 May 2020.

Zero infection cases rate during March and April 2020

Hellenic Post S.A.-ELTA announces that, as of Monday 4 May 2020, in compliance with the instructions issued by the competent state authorities and in implementation of the Management decisions, the use of protective masks and gloves within ELTA post offices is mandatory for the staff, while it is recommended for the public. In this context, the necessary sanitary material has already been delivered to the 1300 access points of ELTA’s network.

Closely monitoring the evolution of the pandemic and having as its paramount priority the protection of the health of its employees and customers, Hellenic Post has incorporated, since 13 February, all protocols related to the preventive measures, hygiene rules and the handling of eventual infection cases.

In this framework, the company:

  • Applied immediately the teleworking, wherever possible.
  • Provided on time all necessary protection material (gloves, masks, antiseptics) to the staff and customers.
  • Ensured that employees and customers were constantly informed about all necessary protection measures during face-to-face transactions.

On this occasion, ELTA’s Top Management wishes to thank both its staff and the public for adhering to the safety guidelines, which resulted in zero infection cases rate during this period.

The current health crisis has confirmed once again ELTA’s social and national role, as a hub and communication link between the state, businesses and citizens, as well as an entity that ensures society’s critical operational needs, especially those of vulnerable groups.

In this context, during the crisis:

  • The seamless operation of ELTA’s network has been achieved, with certain local adjustments to the opening hours and operation of post offices and agencies, in order to comply with the relevant health measures. Specifically, during the period March 16-April 30, at least 95% on average of ELTA’s post offices operated.
  • About 800.000 pensions and benefits were paid in March and April 2020, contributing to the avoidance of vulnerable groups’ unnecessary movement.
  • The delivery of mail of key customers (banks, telephone companies, other businesses) was seamlessly implemented.
  • Under extremely adverse conditions, the flow of international postal items has been ensured, even in cases where direct flight connections with certain countries had been suspended.

Given the extraordinary conditions and the unpredictable situation provoked by the outbreak of this health crisis, cases of delays were reasonably mentioned, for which ELTA expresses its regret. ELTA’s Management and staff are effortlessly working to normalize this situation, which, to a great extent, is due to the massive increase of postal items and the integration of safe operation regulations. The transactions have already returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Being the Universal Service Provider and with its network of 1.300 service points throughout the country, Hellenic Post S.A.-ELTA will continue to support all citizens and businesses on handling the pandemic and quickly returning the Greek society back to normality, thus contributing to the national effort “We Stay Safe”.

Source: Hellenic Post S.A.-ELTA

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