Le Groupe La Poste presents its lockdown exit plan

In view of the next phase of the lockdown exit, La Poste plans to re-establish gradually mail and parcels delivery to 6 days a week from 11 May. It also launches new services to support those who must continue to stay at home.

All post offices in France will be open at the end of May with adapted hours. This lockdown exit plan, which includes the return of on site postal workers whose activities are not compatible with teleworking, will be presented to trade union organisations this week.

Services to the population:

The postman will gradually deliver packages 6 days a week, registered and priority letters, the daily press and also collecting mail and providing local services. The delivery of other letters will be provided 5 days a week.

  1. From the week of 11 May, the implementation of a new organisation will allow the delivery of parcels, the daily press, and local services such as carrying meals and medicines 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday.
  2. Registered letters will also be delivered 6 days a week (on Saturday, if this is the day chosen by customers for a second visit).
  3. Priority letters will also be gradually delivered on Saturday, i.e. 6 days a week.
  4. The letter carriers will collect from postboxes again over 6 days and their number will gradually increase according to operational capacities. Today they are collected at 87%, they will be fully collected at the end of May.
  5. The other letters (green letters, business mail, advertising mail, etc.) will be delivered 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.

A home-service mail collection for vulnerable people

As part of the gradual lockdown exit announced by the government, La Poste continues to pay particular attention to isolated and vulnerable people. To limit their movements, La Poste now offers to collect mail they need to post from their homes.This service is free and to enjoy it, they just need to let their postman know during their visit or put a word or a sign on their mailbox. To stamp the mail, there are two possibilities: print a postage label from, or pay the stamp directly to the postman by check or in cash with the exact change.

A new registered letter shipping service from your standardised postbox

Another innovation, based on the model of parcel shipping from your standardised personal mailbox, La Poste now provides all its customers the opportunity to send a physical registered letter, without going to the post office. A postage label dedicated to registered items will be available on from 4 May. The letter carriers will collect the registered letters during their round, according to the usual days of delivery.

All post offices will be open at the end of May

Since the start of the health crisis, La Poste has organised itself to increase the number of contact points open as long as the safety measures were respected and protective equipment was used. From 11 May and until the end of the month, in strict compliance with government directives and protective measures for postal workers and customers, it is planned to gradually reopen all post offices, i.e. 7,700 offices all over France. Almost all of the contact points (including partnerships with town halls and shopkeepers) will also open by the end of May.


Source: Le Groupe La Poste

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