Covid update: Modernisation and automation of the Pošta Slovenije network

New contactless parcel delivery service

Pošta Slovenije is setting up a network of 450 smart parcel delivery boxes at 113 locations all over Slovenia

Pošta Slovenije is continuing its planned modernisation and automation of its network, with a new addition to the “My Delivery, My Choice” service, where users will now have a simple and convenient option for picking up parcels. In addition to its network of 24 parcel lockers in Slovenia’s major cities, it has added a network of 450 smart parcel delivery boxes, which will be installed at more than 113 locations throughout Slovenia. The network is already operational, with 156 parcel delivery boxes at 42 locations. In addition to 24/7 access, the smart parcel delivery boxes offer numerous advantages – they are easy to use, completely discrete and reliable, can send messages and provide safe and worry-free delivery. Using smart parcel delivery boxes is especially recommended during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they offer contactless delivery/pickup of your parcels.

Pošta Slovenije’s smart parcel delivery boxes are a modern version of post boxes that are intended for general use and are installed in the direct vicinity of post offices. They can be used for parcels of dimensions up to 45 cm x 25 cm x 20 cm. The parcel delivery boxes are very easy to use – when a parcel is accepted into the Pošta Slovenije network, the user receives an SMS message or email with a link to the “My Delivery, My Choice” online application, where they select the option “Delivery to Direct4me parcel delivery box”. When the parcel is delivered to the parcel delivery box they receive a notice of the delivery. The user can pick up the parcel from the parcel delivery box within 72 hours (three days), and after that they have another five days to pick up the parcel at the post office. The parcel delivery box is easy to open using a mobile phone. The electronic lock is unlocked by calling a special telephone number or using a mobile app.

“By adding smart parcel delivery boxes to the Pošta Slovenije network, we are trying to satisfy the needs of our customers and offer them additional alternatives to the existing forms of delivery. But this is not the only new feature we want to offer our users. As part of the modernisation of our network, we are also already drafting guidelines and conditions for the establishment of alternative parcel pick-up and drop-off post offices, which developed as a result of the desire for the option of picking up and dropping off of mail at postal counters in certain areas where the mail processing would otherwise be transferred to rural letter carriers. This would allow users of postal services to send and receive mail not only via letter carriers, but also at the alternative parcel pick-up and drop-off post offices,” said member of Pošta Slovenije Executive Management Vinko Filipič.

Source: Pošta Slovenije

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