Covid update: Exceptional arrangements from Posti are helping with the processing of the large parcel volume

We are able to quickly react to our customers’ changing needs, and the storage time of letters and parcels at the pickup points will return to normal

The exceptional situation arising from the coronavirus has increased online shopping and the parcel volume up to the Christmas peak level. In order to be able to quickly deliver parcels despite the large volume, Posti has made several special arrangements, for instance, in the storage times of parcels and letters at the pickup points.

The storage time change was temporary; at the latest, it would have lasted until the end of the Emergency Powers Act. However, based on data analysis, there is no longer any need for the extended storage time.

Based on the data collected from service events as well as customer feedback, the storage time of parcels picked up at Posti outlets and Parcel Lockers will be reverted back to the normal 7 days from the extended 21 days. When it comes to letters and parcels sent from abroad, the storage time will be reverted back to the normal 14 days. The normal storage times will enter into force as of April 25. The storage time is stated in the arrival notification sent to the recipient.

“We wanted to support our customers in the rapidly changing situation by extending the storage time of parcels and letters at our pickup points. Nonetheless, based on our analysis, the coronavirus situation has barely made a difference. The majority of our customers have still picked up their items commendably quickly, in 1–3 days, thus contributing to the quick delivery of everyone’s parcels,” says Jarmo Ainasoja, Posti.

Of all of the parcels picked up from the pickup points, only a couple of percent have been stored for an extended period of time. Even though the quantity is low, they may from time to time create congestion at the busiest pickup points. A quick pickup time will increase the delivery speed of parcels by freeing a locker or shelf space.

A recipient’s checklist for picking up items

The restoration of the normal storage time on April 25 means that:

  • The recipient will see the up-to-date storage time in the arrival notification
  • The storage time at Posti outlets and Parcel Lockers will return to 7 days:
    Parcels picked up at Posti’s service points (Posti’s shops or agency shops) or Parcel Lockers
    Parcel and transport units that Posti tried to deliver to the recipient
  • The storage time at Posti’s service points will be returned to 14 days:
    Parcels that have arrived or been returned from abroad that can be picked up at a Posti shop or agency shop
    All letter items picked up from a Posti shop or agency shop
    Parcels with an extended storage period purchased by the sender
  • Items that have arrived at Posti’s pickup points prior to the restoration of the normal storage times will be stored for the extended period of 21 days (note in the arrival notification)
  • Posti asks all of the recipients to pick up their items as quickly as possible. However, they are not required to do anything else as a result of the change. The storage times will be returned to normal automatically as of April 25.
  • If – due to the state of emergency arising from the coronavirus – you are unable to pick up your item within the pickup times given (7 or 14 days), which have now returned to the normal time frames, please contact our customer service to find a solution. We have increased our number of customer service staff members as a result of the coronavirus situation.

For further information about items and pickups, please see Frequently asked questions about the coronavirus on our website.

The number of temporary pickup points and home deliveries is constantly increasing

Due to the exceptionally large volume of parcels, Posti has commissioned new facilities to parcel sorting and increased its transport volume. Parcels are sorted and delivered to Posti’s pickup points according to an exceptionally fast schedule, also on weekends. The number of home deliveries has increased and they take place on the weekends as well.

Posti has opened temporary parcel pickup points. More of them will be opened, especially in the busiest areas.

“We would like to thank all of our customers for their cooperation in these exceptional circumstances. It is of the utmost importance for us to be able to react quickly to different types of situations and support those of our customers who want or need our services to reach them at their doorstep. The popularity of our Home Parcels has proved this. We listen to feedback and do everything we can, even in this state of emergency, to keep our services running smoothly,” says Jarmo Ainasoja.

Source: Posti

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