Covid update: Kazpost delivered pensions to the homes of 500,000 pensioners

Kazpost serves about 1,000,000 pensioners across the country.

This is the most vulnerable part of the population, not everyone can count on the support of their children and relatives.  In the context of the global pandemic, when the emergency regime spread to almost the entire country, most of them found themselves in a difficult situation.

Kazpost see a lot of work being done by volunteers, delivering them food and essential goods, and many of Kazpost branches joined them, distributing packages for free with the help.

In addition, Kazpost decided to minimize the risks that the adult population may face. To exclude the possibility of their infection when leaving the house, a couple of weeks before the issuance of pensions, Kazpost began phoning each pensioner and compiling lists in order to bring them money directly home or transfer them to a card and also deliver it to their home. In each region, employees were identified who accepted and processed thousands of applications, processed payment cards, delivered them and taught them the basics of digital literacy.

Using these cards you can pay for goods in stores, medicines, pay for utilities, receive postal services on portal By the way, it is possible to withdraw money from a card at ATMs of Kazpost and Halyk Bank for free.

Today the issue of pensions for April ended. For all this time, Kazpost delivered pensions to the home of almost 500,000 pensioners, and in general, 1,000,000 people received pensions through Kazpost. Among our retired clients there are those who want to collect their pensions from the branches later, after quarantine has been lifted, or are in quarantined houses. Kazpost constantly in touch with them. Their pensions will be delivered to them immediately after quarantine.

There were many controversial situations, some residents still did not realize the whole danger of the situation and insisted on receiving money at the post office, but it is good that most of Kazakhstan citizens are conscious, patient and gratefully accept help from Kazpost operators. They are familiar with many of postmen for many years and appreciate their work, for which they are thankful.

Kazpost always deliver pensions to people over 80 years old and living in remote villages.

Kazpost will continue this work, each pensioner who is served in Kazpost will be able to receive his money on time, without leaving home.

Source: Kazpost

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