Covid update: Posti: Items are delivered to the intended recipients, but they are not carried inside – installation services are also temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus

To prevent the coronavirus infection chain, Posti complies with the common precautions prevalent in the sector.

The items are delivered to the intended recipients, but they are not carried into the residence. The installation services are also temporarily suspended.

This measure has been taken to prevent potential infection chains as well as mutual exposure.

In accordance with the new guidelines, Posti adheres to the following procedure:

We will arrange the delivery with the customer in advance by phone, explaining that the item will be left in front of the customer’s front door, but that it will not be carried into the residence. If the customer does not agree to this operating model, the item will be returned to the sender.

  1. The recipient will receive and inspect the item while the driver is present but both parties will maintain a safe distance from each other. The driver will sign the item as received on behalf of the customer and enter a reservation in the waybill, if necessary.
  2. Machine recycling, returns, dismantling and other additional services will be carried out as before, as long as they can be conducted without entering the residence. For example, when returning equipment for recycling, the customer must put the equipment outside of their residence for the driver to pick up.
  3. Previously arranged installations will be carried out and recycled machines will be picked up.

Source: Posti Group

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