Covid update: Pošta Slovenije helping in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

Pošta Slovenije is conducting various social responsibility activities to help in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

These activities involve a donation of 35,000 masks from a shipment of 528,000 protective masks for Pošta Slovenije’s employees to the University Medical Centres in Maribor and Ljubljana and to the Slovenian Civil Protection Administration. Already in March, we donated blankets to University Medical Centre in Maribor for the patients, who are being treated in tents in front of the emergency department. Moreover, a donation was made to the City of Maribor for the Covid19Maribor project.

Additionally, we are also working with a national charity campaign called “Slovenia Supports Distance Learning” – organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and several Slovenian companies – helping them in collection and distribution of tablet computers and modems to students from socially marginalised families. Furthermore, to contribute to the efficient and smooth rollout of distance learning, we have also offered assistance to the ARNES institute, providing effective distance learning classes via the Arnes Classroom.

With the shutdown of Slovenia’s public life and social distancing, a large demand for access to high-capacity cloud servers has emerged. We are offering IT support and have provided free access to the available capacities on our cloud server for the national health system and the National Crisis Management Centre. They are able to use the Pošta Slovenije server to collect and analyse data required for their decision-making.

In terms of postal operations, simply by maintaining and operating the postal network during the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pošta Slovenije is providing a crucial socially responsible service – we are ensuring the delivery of mail to the largest possible extent and providing for the uninterrupted operation of Slovenia’s national communications infrastructure.

In the past two weeks, one of Pošta Slovenije’s main objectives has been the effective notification of our customers about Pošta Slovenije’s measures to prevent the spread of infection, including the provision of contactless operations in order to ensure the safety and health of both our employees and our customers. For some citizens, Pošta Slovenije is one of the rare points of contact to provide them with a supply of urgently needed basic necessities.

Therefore, even in these changed circumstances, we are continuously striving to provide high-quality services, as we are the sole communications and sales channel for many social groups, through which as a socially responsible company we are mitigating the effects of the unpleasant circumstances and situations that have arisen for our citizens due to the restriction on movement.

Pošta Slovenije’s General Manager Boris Novak: “For four weeks we have been dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, which have had a major impact on our everyday lives. But despite the shutdown of the public life, Pošta Slovenije’s mission remains the same – to provide postal services. However, during this emergency state the Post plays a special role. For people staying at home it represents a connection to the world outside. It provides access to information, connections with friends and loved ones, and delivery of goods that they need to survive. The important thing is that we all help one another. Therefore Pošta Slovenije is providing various contributions and services in order to respond to the difficult circumstances of all those who are making enormous efforts to stem the pandemic. We are doing everything we can in the given circumstances to help the state function as smoothly as possible and to maintain the quality of life of all the inhabitants of Slovenia. Without the effective and functional postal network that we provide, the situation would be a lot harder for everyone today.”

Source: Pošta Slovenije

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