Covid update: La Poste strengthens its organisations to better meet the expectations of its customers

Since the beginning of the health crisis, La Poste has constantly adapted its organisations to protect the health of postal workers and customers, ensure the continuity and accessibility of public service all over the country and thus contribute to the nation's effort. After having implemented a basic industrial organisation since the beginning of the containment which has enabled La Poste to carry out its missions on a long-term basis, today La Poste announced that it will reinforce its teams to gradually increase the number of delivery days of the daily press, parcels and letters and enhance the accessibility of its network in the priority districts of the city and also in rural areas. 

Reinforcing teams responsible for mail to gradually increase the number of delivery days of the press, parcels and letters  

Since Monday 30 March, the working time of each postman in mail/parcel offices has been reduced and spread over three consecutive days, followed by four days of confinement. The organisation of shifts was also implemented for the teams. It enables social services (visits to the elderly, carrying meals, medication) to be provided on a daily basis and to deliver parcels, mail and press on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. 

This heavy organisational transformation, implemented in conjunction with health authorities, occupational medicine and union organisations, is now stabilised and includes the health security requirements essential for postal workers and customers. Based on of this basic organisation, La Poste can now strengthen its measures.

As of Monday 6 April 2020, La Poste will call on 3,000 additional people, with a gradual increase over the following weeks. Of course, La Poste will apply the same protection rules and the same health and safety requirements for the back-up staff as those for the postal workers. The back-up staff will include volunteers who can provide support services, employees of the MEDIAPOST subsidiary, temporary workers and people employed under fixed-term contracts.  


This new organisation will enable, subject to health requirements, to do the following actions:  

- To deliver the daily press to subscribers an additional day (Monday or Tuesday) as from 6 April 2020, and gradually ensure this delivery on Monday and Tuesday 

- To gradually deliver parcels and mail 4 days a week   


Enhancing accessibility to ATM and post offices in the priority districts of the city during the payment of social benefits 

On Monday 30 March, La Poste announced the introduction of adapted measures so that social benefits recipients and La Banque Postale customers can withdraw cash in the best possible conditions, especially given the need to respect protective measures during this busy period in post offices. As of 4 April, they will be able to withdraw cash via ATMs and in 1,850 post offices all over the country from 6 April. La Poste has announced today that this system, which will mobilise 20,000 postal workers over the period, will also be reinforced in the priority districts of the city.

390 post offices will be open within the priority districts of the city or in the immediate vicinity. In addition, 90% post offices' ATMs located in these priority districts, including those that are closed, will be supplied and accessible to the public.  


Enhancing accessibility to La Poste network in rural areas 

La Poste will increase its presence in rural areas, with the aim that, in all these departments, more than 60% of the inhabitants will be at less than 5 km or less than 20 minutes by car from a postal point (and at least 50% in the few departments that are very rural). To do this, La Poste will reopen 400 offices next week, usually run by a “postman-counter clerk" (a postman who runs the office in addition to his round), and 600 more from the second week of April.  

Regarding the contact points, approximately 1,000 out of 6,500 municipal postal agencies remained open thanks to the Mayors. La Poste is already working with the French Mayors’ Association and the chairs of the intermunicipal bodies to increase this number as much as possible. 


Faced with this unprecedented crisis, La Poste takes into account the evolution of the health situation, the resources at its disposal and the services that are essential for the population, to adapt its organisations and thus participate in the nation's effort.  


Le Groupe La Poste

La Poste is a public limited company, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts and the State.  The Groupe La Poste is organized into five branches: Services-Mail-Parcels, La Banque Postale, La Poste Network, GeoPost and Digital. The Group is present in 47 countries on 4 continents Each day, La Poste's 17,000 contact points, the leading local sales network in France, welcome 1.3 million customers. La Poste has been carbon neutral since 2012 and delivers 21.6 billion items (letters, printed advertisements and parcels) per year, worldwide, 6 days a week.  In 2019, the Group achieved a turnover of 26 billion euros, 30% of which is made outside of France and employs more than 249,000 people.  La Poste aims to further accelerate its transformation by diversifying. With the ambition to become the first people proximity services company, for everyone, everywhere and every day, La Poste is committed to simplifying life.

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