Covid update: Liechtensteinische Post AG supports «Corona» risk groups with various temporary free offers

In the current difficult situation, it is important to Liechtensteinische Post AG to offer suitable solutions quickly and easily, which are particularly useful for “Corona” risk groups among the general public.

Temporary free benefits for people in the risk group

Since it remains for people in the risk group to stay at home and to limit contact with other people to a minimum, Liechtensteinische Post AG offers all mailbox customers who are over 65 years old or who belong to the risk group due to previous illnesses, a free mail-delivery to a domicile address. It should be noted that, due to the current changes in home delivery, the mail items are currently only delivered every other day. A house mailbox must also be available to use this service, after which the recipient of the mailings is identified accordingly.

As a further option, Liechtensteinische Post AG offers all post office customers in the risk group free of charge to store their mail items in post and deliver them collectively to a home address. This service avoids going to the post office for emptying the mailbox and thus fulfills the government's recommendations for action.

Or is the digitization of postal items an alternative? Liechtensteinische Post AG scans the daily letter mail from people belonging to the risk group free of charge and sends the scanned mail electronically up to date. The scanned original items will be delivered to the domicile or post office box address after one month.

The postman brings the waste fee sticker

As can be seen from various inquiries, the delivery of waste fee sticker, super bags and postage stamps is a need of people in the risk group 65+. Liechtensteinische Post AG now makes this possible in an uncomplicated way and is happy to bring the waste fee stickers to your doorstep after ordering from the Liechtensteinische Post AG customer service. By having the exact purchase amount of the waste fee stickers ready, it can be ensured that the safety distance can be maintained at all times. Alternatively, payment on account is also possible.

If you are interested in these temporarily free services as well as in the delivery of waste fee stickers, super bags and stamps for all customers belonging to the risk group, please contact the customer service of Liechtensteinische Post AG on phone +B3 399 44 44 or via e- Mail on. They answer all inquiries from Monday to Friday from 7.45 am to 6.00 pm.

Source: Liechtensteinische Post AG

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