Poczta Polska S.A. and COVID -19

Poczta Polska as a responsible employer and an entrusted public institution takes all necessary activities recommended by the government and dedicated institutions to prevent the negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A special crisis team is currently operating at our company. Poczta Polska respects all the government's guidelines formulated in the applicable legislation.

Poczta Polska is operating continuously. A responsible approach to procedures and acting in accordance with the recommendations which needs to be implemented. All information regarding COVID-19 is available for the employees in Extranet (there is a dedicated web page). Moreover, all the employees are being informed on regular basis.

Many employees have the opportunity to work remotely.

We have issued different operating procedures at postal entities (offices, delivery units, sorting centres). For example:

  1. In case when the addressee denies signing on the portable device in order to confirm the receipt of the item, the carrier is obliged to write down the “No” word in the place intended for the addressee’s signature and to add the reason of failure to submit the signature which is “Epidemiologic threat”. In the addressee’s field he introduces name and surname.
  2. In case of suspicion that in the vehicle could be an infected person – the vehicle is stowed and stays closed/not used till the next decisions are to be undertaken. For the time being we have found two possibilities how to disinfect postal vehicles:
    by ozonizing vehicles, i.e. the method to remove viruses, bacteria, mycosis and any other pathogenic organisms thanks to the application usage? of the mix of ozone and oxygen. This method is also effective in combating corona virus. The OE has 13 generators of ozone in different regions of the country at its disposal.
    by purchasing of isopropyl alcohol sprayed under pressure, whose 70 % aqueous solution is used as an antiseptic liquid. We are in the course of ordering this remedy so as to be able to use both methods depending on the availability in each Distribution Region.
  3. We have installed the plexy/ glass windows at the postal outlets as well as created safety zones
  4. We have reduced working hours at postal offices.
  5. According to the national legislation we have reduced the number of people in postal outlets up to two people per counter.
  6. The decision has been made to develop a uniform scope for complaints reported for untimed delivery.
  7. We are publishing updated information on our web site regarding international destinations of mail operated by Poczta Polska.

Poczta Polska is constantly supplying operational and delivery services with disinfectant liquids and protective gloves. We are distributing protective and disinfectant remedies (liquids, gloves, masks) to all units.

Poczta Polska is constantly supporting institution and entities dedicated to fight with Covid-19 epidemic.

Source: Poczta Polska

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