Covid Update: Posti is prepared for the spread of the coronavirus

Posti is prepared for different kinds of exceptional circumstances and has raised its current level of preparedness because of the coronavirus.

Posti acts according to the instructions provided by Finnish government officials (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health) and protects the health of its personnel and customers according to these instructions.

For the security of supply, socially critical and important items are always delivered first. These include the items related to general safety, such as deliveries of blood and laboratory samples, official announcements as well as other services specified by government officials.

You can find our previous updates regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19) (March 2020) as well as facts about Posti’s preparations and measures on our website via this link .

Updated information, April 1

So far, the restrictions on movement in the Uusimaa region have had no effect on Posti’s services. As a result of the traffic checkpoints, time has been added to the schedules where possible. In terms of the isolation of Uusimaa, freight traffic has priority.

Freight services are currently operating normally.

Parcels are being delivered normally, although slight delays may occur for a small number of parcels. For information regarding the exceptions pertaining to parcels, please see our website.

Newspaper, magazine and letter services are currently working normally.

Despite border closures, goods are still moving into and out of Finland, but they are partly transported via exceptional routes and may subsequently be subject to delays. When it comes to letter and parcel items, there are a few exceptions regarding some countries. You can find up to date, country-specific information regarding the delivery of letter and parcel items on our website.

Posti has been forced to close some of its service points and mailboxes because the premises that they are located on are closed due to the coronavirus. You can find a list of currently unavailable service points on our website.

Check the website for Frequently asked questions about the coronavirus.

Source: Posti Group

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