Covid update: Cyprus Post on COVID-19

Coronavirus spread in Cyprus lead the Government in a series of measures which have escalated and lead to a partial lockdown on 24.3.2020 and more restrictive measures were announced on 31.3.2020.


As of 1.4.2020, 262 incidents and 8 deaths were reported.

Most businesses have closed and only certain critical ones remain open like food stores.  Movement of people is based on a authorisation system and there police is checking for unauthorized people on the streets.

There are decrees issued by the Ministry of Health on a regular basis. Cyprus Post, along with other Government Department has been declared a vital service.

Protective measures:

Cyprus Post has taken measures for the protection of its staff and customers, adhering to the decrees issued.

  • Glass/plexiglass partitions have been installed at the counters.
  • There is restricted entry in the Post Offices limited to 2 customers at a time.
  • Inside and outside the Post Offices, it is obligatory to keep a distance of 2 meters.
  • All Post Offices have been provided with antiseptics and disposable gloves.
  • All premises and vehicles have been disinfected and the process will be repeated on fortnight basis.

Staff related issues:

  1. Staff belonging to the vulnerable groups have stayed at home or special measures have been taken at work for their protection.
  2. Staff that needed to be at home to take care of young children (schools are closed), were given days off or a combination of days off and work from home.
  3. The concentration of staff in premises has been controlled by introducing shifts.

Operational Issues:

  • The network of Post Offices is operational based on available staff. At the moment, about 20% of staff is off duty for various virus-related reasons. Between 5% and 10% of the Post Offices remain closed on a daily basis (2-5 locations).
  • Home delivery is operating in general as usual but is adapted when needed based on availability of staff.
  • Collection from pillar boxes and post offices is done every other day.
  • Outbound mail except Quickpost premium international courier service was suspended on 17.3.2020.
  • Mail services (regular letter, registered, parcels, EPG parcels and EMS), will resume on 3.4.2020 to 5 main destinations (BE, DE, GR, UK, US).
  • We have prolonged the time that we keep uncollected items at the pick up location until after the restrictive measures are over.
  • We have introduced contact less delivery/collection of items and we authorized the branch managers to control the notifications to customers to pick up their items.
  • We are planning as of next week to expand the use of the network of parcel lockers to non-subscribers so that to minimize the need to visit the Post Office.
  • For the 4 main Citizens Center (KE.PO.), offering government services on behalf of government departments, we are introducing telephone appointments as of 6.4.2020.

Source: Cyprus Post

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