Review of Le Groupe La Poste activities due to the coronavirus - Update on Friday March 20, 2020

La Poste will exceptionally be closed this Saturday 21 March

La Poste's priority is to protect the health of postmen and postwomen. Therefore, it adapts its organisations to maintain essential services to the population and contribute to the nation's effort.

Thus, taking into account the reduction of its workforce due to the containment measures, La Poste decided to exceptionally close its post offices, its sorting services and its mail and parcel delivery services this Saturday 21 March.

Beyond this measure, La Poste constantly adapts its work organisations, in cooperation with occupational health doctors and staff representatives. For example, to reduce the density on its operational sites and in post offices and further increase social distancing. In order to spread the activity and increase the distances between colleagues, staggered work hours and the organisation of shifts are established. During their round, postal workers will be able to wash their hands regularly, not only in postal sites but also in petrol stations and at tobacconists with whom agreements have been made.

In addition, in order to better secure the operating conditions of postmen's missions, priority is given to services to individuals, especially the most vulnerable ones, parcels flows as well as essential services rendered in post offices.

As part of its public service missions, La Poste will constantly adapt the level of service and its organisation to protect the health of postal workers.

New organisations will be the subject of a specific communication to postal workers and the whole population.

Source: Le Groupe La Poste

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