UK SME online retailers look to increase sales through international trade, says Royal Mail

In 2020, 62 per cent of UK SME online retailers will be aiming to increase their international sales revenues.

International trade continues to be important for UK SMEs. Almost a fifth (18 per cent) of UK SME retailers import goods; 16 per cent export goods and 49 per cent do both. This is according to a study commissioned by Royal Mail. With global reach and the leading enabler of ecommerce in the UK, Royal Mail is well placed to observe trends across the industry.

Having a physical, face-to-face presence with customers is also important to UK SMEs. Almost half (45 per cent) of UK SME online retailers have a physical store as well as an online presence. For those that sell products in a physical store, 82 per cent say it is their own store, but 27 per cent sell in another shop owner’s store.

UK SMEs are looking at increasing sales in 2020. Just under half (46 per cent) are planning to sell through new or additional channels in 2020. 72 per cent of UK SME online retailers have their own website, with 59 per cent of those who don’t planning on launching their own website in 2020.

Shane O’Riordain, Managing Director of Marketing, Regulation And Corporate Affairs, Royal Mail said “It’s promising to see that in the next year many smaller retailers in the UK are looking to build their international sales. The physical store still has a role to play and many SME retailers have a presence both online and in-store. Royal Mail supports many retail businesses in their overseas expansion and we look forward to working with even more of them in the future.”

Source: Royal Mail Group

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