Call for Tender: European postal sector social partners looking for external expertise for EU-funded project on “Postal Skills and Work Environment in the Digital Era”

In the framework of the European social dialogue committee for the postal sector, the social partners - POSTEUROP, UNI Europa Post & Logistics, and CESI – have launched a project on ‘Postal Skills and Work Environment in the Digital Era’ co-funded by the European Commission, which will run for 2 years (24 months) from February 2020 onwards. This project is managed and encompasses representatives from postal companies and unions from 27 EU Member states. For that purpose, they launch a call for tenders for external expertise.

The project has 2 key objectives: (1) to anticipate skills needs in the postal sector, by identifying labour shortages and future skills needed for specific postal occupational profiles; (2) to analyse the positive and negative consequences of digitalisation on working conditions for the identified occupational profiles.

The project seeks to assist the postal social partners to anticipate future skills needs with special regard to the digital ones. The project aims to accompany the postal transformation by addressing the consequences of digitalisation on work organisation patterns and working conditions.

In parallel, the project will enable social partners to exchange good practices in terms of training and re-training programmes; it will allow social partners to issue recommendations for future training programmes. The project will also provide the social partners with a common reference framework of skills (digital and non-digital) needs in a time horizon of 3-5 years for specific postal job areas.

The European social partners in the postal sector are looking for external expertise to support them in their work on the above project objectives, for the 24-month duration. Specifically, they will require an external consultancy to carry out research and analysis on the impact of digitalisation in Europe’s postal sector, assess and bring together good practices from the social partners at the European, national and company levels in training programmes, skills analysis and in dealing with the impact of digitalisation and work closely with the project steering group to bring all these areas of research together to contribute to the project implementation.

Further details can be found in the call for tender application. As UNI Europa ensures the administrative management of this project, all interested applicants must send in their application, by 27 March 2020 at the latest, to UNI Europa Post & Logistics Director, Dimitris Theodorakis at:

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