Last year, Omniva delivered a record number of parcels

Last year, Omniva issued a record number of 11.4 million parcels, more than half of which were deliveries from foreign online stores and markets.

While in the first half of the year the parcel volumes were quite stable, in autumn we saw an anticipated increase that peaked before the holidays. During the Christmas month, Omniva delivered in total one and a half million parcels. The most popular date for receiving a parcel was 18 December, when nearly 90 thousand parcels reached their recipients.

“This time, we were well prepared for the record volumes and we had planned our work so all parcels sent properly and on time would reach their destinations before the holidays. Thanks to the new logistics centre, expanded parcel machine network and additional lockers, we managed to deliver a remarkably larger parcel volume to our clients and handled the increased volumes smoothly. During the week before Christmas, the parcel machines were filled and emptied multiple times a day,” said Omniva head of parcel business Andre Veskimeister.

Compared to December 2018, in 2019 Omniva delivered in the same period 66% more local market parcels using the parcel machine network. “This year’s Christmas season was successful firstly thanks to all the clients who shipped their parcels on time and later picked them up quickly, but secondly also thanks to the committed employees who kept delivering the parcels even during the weekend before Christmas. The company’s new logistics centre and the expanded parcel machine network played an important role in tackling the record volumes as well,” said Veskimeister. “The extraordinarily rapid increase in parcel machine volumes at the end of the year concerning local market parcels shows that both Estonian merchants and consumers trust our service quality, which also remained at a high level during the Christmas season.”

Last year, 15 new parcel machine locations were added to the Omniva parcel machine network and the 30 most popular parcel machines were supplemented with new lockers. Brand new parcel machines were installed in new locations in Tallinn, Rakvere and Jõhvi, as well as in smaller places like Muraste, Aravete and Suure-Jaani that now have their own parcel machines.

In total, Omniva has more than 250 parcel machines in Estonia, and along with post offices, there are over 500 pick-up points. According to Omniva the parcel volumes continue to grow nearly 20% each year and the global trends show that the increase of e-commerce volumes will also continue in the coming years.

Source: Omniva

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