New green vehicles for Croatian Post

Twenty electric quadricycles for cleaner and easier delivery in city centres

Corporate social responsibility is one of the most important philosophies of the Development Strategy Post2022. In the focus of the Croatian Post CSR strategy are employees, community and environment. To reduce the air pollution rate and noise levels, the Croatian Post has introduced 20 electric quadricycles to its fleet.

In order to increase energy efficiency in traffic, the Croatian Post applied to a Public Call from The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund with the project "Green and Sustainable Transport in the Postal Traffic Using Electric Vehicles". The Fund approved the co-financing of the purchase of 20 electric quadricycles. The value of the investment in electric vehicles is 1.280.100 HRK (172.561,70 EUR) and The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund co-financed 400.000 HRK (53.921,33 EUR).

The electric vehicles improve mobility during delivery in urban areas, reduce fleet operating costs and increase the energy efficiency. With the use of electric quadricycles, the Croatian Post will reduce its CO2 emissions by 7.6 tonnes per year.

The electric quadricycle manufacturer is Dukati ENERGIA S.P.A. Their electric vehicles are approved for carrying two people and are specially designed for driving in narrow spaces. With higher transport capacity, these quadricycles are the best answer for the specific needs of urban delivery. Electric quadricycles achieve a maximum speed of 45 km/h and their range is 60 kilometres. The baggage volume of 300 kg and the transport capacity of up to 200 kg are an ideal solution for the constant growth of the parcel market.

Croatian Post will use electric vehicles for delivery in the narrow urban areas for their convenience and ease of operation. Twenty new vehicles will contribute to reducing air pollution and noise caused by urban traffic.

Croatian Post invested in 180 electric bicycles which replaced old mopeds in 2015. By replacing mopeds with electric bikes, CO2 emissions decreased by 100 tonnes per year. Purchas of e-bikes was co-financed by The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.

The Croatian Post is a company of large numbers, it is one of the largest employers, serving citizens with 1016 post offices all over Croatia, delivering 1.3 million shipments per day, with thousands of different types of vehicles in the fleet.

Source: Hrvatska poŇ°ta

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