Turkish Post joins the United for Wildlife declaration to protect the world’s wildlife

Each year hundreds of wildlife products are illegally trafficked across the planet. The global Postal network is often illegally used to transport these items.

These items feed the demand and have a devastating effect on the wild populations of some of the largest and most iconic species like elephants, rhinos and tigers, as well as some lesser known species such as the pangolin.

Turkish Post joined Royal Mail Group as signatories to the Buckingham Palace Declaration which aims to stop this trade and to help protect rare and endangered wildlife. These Designated Postal Operators are committed to the United For Wildlife cause, taking action to stem the trade in illegal wildlife products and works with other industries, governments and non-governmental organisations (like the WWF) to tackle this illicit trade. They have made interventions at key strategic forms, displaying materials that highlights how this trade is affecting these animals.  

The Palace declaration was signed by Mr. Kenan BOZGEYİK - Chairman of the Board & Director General of Turkish Post Corp. in March 2019. Mr BOZGEYİK is also the Chairman of the Universal Postal Union’s Council of Administration (CA). He became a firm supporter of the work to protect endangered species through his former role as Superintendent and Advisor to the Ministry of Environment from 1994 to 2008 and his passion for this cause was reignited at a recent event hosted by the United Kingdom (Royal Mail) at the UPU.

Mr BOZGEYİK said “Postal Operators are an essential vehicle of communication and trade, postal services are vital for all economic and social activities. There is no doubt that as service providers we can cooperate and do our share to prevent against this illegal trade.
I believe it is important to protect our environment in every aspect from climate change to protection of endangered species not just for ourselves but for the future generations”

Postal Operators have a key role in working with Border Agencies to stop this illegal trade and can use the power of their interconnectivity, through the single postal territory, to address global issues for the benefit of customers, the environment and the planet.

Source: Turkish Post

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