Posten Norge to test in-home parcel delivery

Home delivery of online shopping is increasing, and Posten Norge will now test in-home delivery of parcels when recipients are not at home.

Posten Norge wishes to give customers greater freedom of choice and more flexible solutions for receiving their deliveries. The digitalisation of society opens up new opportunities, including the delivery of parcels to inside the home when the recipient is not there. Together with the home alarm provider Verisure, Posten Norge will test this service among households with digital door locks in Vestfold, Asker and Bærum.

"Posten Norge enjoys a high level of trust in Norwegian society. Our surveys show that people who have digital locks on their front doors want us to deliver their parcels inside the door. This provides fast and secure delivery, and means that recipients do not have to wait at home for deliveries,” says Tone Wille, CEO of Posten Norge.

Customers who receive parcels can give the mail carrier access in two ways: either by providing them with a time-limited code or by opening the door via the internet when the mail carrier is outside. The customer will see on the app on their phone when the door is opened and closed. Information given to the mail carrier is deleted once the delivery is completed and the door is locked.

"Developing new services is a central part of Posten Norge's strategy for creating good customer experiences adapted to a digital age. It's important for us to give customers who shop online a simpler everyday life," says Wille.

Source: Posten Norge

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