Sending Love for Valentine's Day with An Post

Friday 9th Feb, 2018: An Post reminds everyone that it’s time to get organised for Valentine’s Day and be ready to post early on Tuesday, for delivery next Wednesday, 14th February.

Nothing compares to a personal card or letter, handwritten, sealed, stamped and delivered to your loved one (or ones!) by their postman or postwoman….  Social media is great but when it comes to Love greetings, post is powerful so whether it’s lovey-dovey or fun & flirty, it’s best to keep it personal.    So, don’t post it. Post it!

An Post advises: “Best get writing those cards and letters and be ready to post EARLY on Tuesday.   Latest times for posting are displayed on every postbox and post office so be sure to post well before the latest posting time on Tuesday for delivery nationwide on Wednesday.  “Booklets of ten Love stamps are available at main post offices or online at,  handy for use on greetings cards throughout the year – or for those sending lots of Valentine Cards – but any Irish stamp will add a special touch to  your romantic mail.  And if you are disguising your writing, please make sure it’s legible!

Dublin Postman, Jason Bourke says that postal staff love Valentine’s Day too, despite the extra heavy satchels:
“We’ll all be having extra porridge on Wednesday morning to keep the strength up for delivering all these cards and letters.  There’s always a great welcome for us on 14th February, it’s a great day for sending love, except for the scented cards…some people go a bit overboard with the perfume!”

Source: An Post

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