Omniva: More than 10,000 Estonians wish to have a parcel machine near their home

Ten thousand people have already suggested locations for parcel machines. See where parcel machines have been requested in your neighbourhood

Less than a week ago, Omniva introduced a new map application, inviting people to mark down their suggestions for parcel machine locations. So far, more than 10,000 people have sent in their ‘parcel machine requests’.

According to Evert Rööpson, head of Omniva’s parcel machine network, the application has turned out to be even more popular than initially expected. ‘We knew that there was great interest in parcel machines in both urban and rural areas, but it is especially lovely to see that having a parcel machine nearby has become the aim of many communities,’ Rööpson said.

You can mark your suggestion for a suitable location of a parcel machine anywhere in Estonia at The installation of new parcel machines in both cities and smaller settlements will begin in early November. In the beginning of 2018, Omniva had 132 parcel machines in Estonia; by the end of the year, that number will increase to 250.

According to Rööpson, the 100 parcel machines to be installed this year are only the beginning. ‘We will store people’s suggestions of parcel machine locations also for the coming years. If the machines do not reach the desired destinations this year, we will take the suggestions into consideration for future expansions,’ Rööpson explained.

The first parcel machines will be installed in locations where they are most needed and demanded. The locations of this year’s expansion will be revealed in early November. People in places such as Puhja, Koeru, Sauga, Nõo, Käina, and many other smaller settlements that did not have parcel machines before can already use the technology.

Source: Omniva

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