Participation of Cyprus Post in PANGEA XI operation

Cyprus Post participated in the international Pangea XI operation which fights the illegal selling of pharmaceutical products over the internet.

During the last few years, the operation was expanded to cover also other health related products such as food supplements, medical equipment, veterinary medicines, personal hygiene products etc. The operation is co-organised by INTERPOL, EUROPOL, the World Customs Organisation, the Permanent Forum for International Crime related to Pharmaceutical Products (PFIPC), the Working Group of the Heads of Pharmaceutical Regulating Authorities of the EU Member States (HMA WGEO), the FDA of the United States and others.

In the operation in Cyprus, apart from Cyprus Post, the Department of Pharmaceutical Services, the Department of Customs, the Health Department, the Medical and Technological Authority, the Industry and Technology Service, the General State Laboratory, the Veterinary Services participated along with the Cyprus Police who had the coordination of the operation.

The controls were held among other locations, at the District Parcel Post Offices. During the week 9th-16th October when the operation was held, 1811 parcels were checked, out of which 9 were confiscated or withheld for further examination. 

Among others, pills containing anabolic substances, insulin injections of questionable quality, food supplement that contained pharmaceutical substances, non licenced products and others.

We urge you to pay particular care when they purchase any such items over the internet for commercial or personal use, to inquire at the relevant bodies as regards the safety and the compliance of the products to the standards set by national and European legislation.

Source: Cyprus Post

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