Guernsey Post qnnounces plans for a new partnership

Postal Headquarters will be the location for the largest solar array in the Channel Islands

Guernsey Post is delighted to announce plans for the installation of the largest solar array in the Channel Islands.  Working in partnership with Guernsey Electricity, the project will help both companies reach significant milestones in their ambitions for the generation and use of renewable energy.

The solar array will generate the equivalent amount of energy required to power Guernsey Post’s entire fleet of vehicles, at a time when the company is making significant strides towards conversion to a fully electric fleet, as Boley Smillie, Chief Executive of Guernsey Post explained: -

"I am very excited about the significance of this partnership with Guernsey Electricity.  The prospect of an entirely electric vehicle fleet, the elimination of exhaust emissions and helping generate our vehicle energy requirements by solar power is within our grasp; it is no longer just an aspiration.

“Our investment in electric vehicles has been a real success.  Both maintenance and running costs are significantly lower than that of the fossil fuel alternatives.  The positive impact on the environment is also significant.  To put this into perspective, the benefit of an electric vehicle fleet rather than diesel means we will avoid producing more than 150 tons of carbon a year.”

By the end of 2018 Guernsey Post will have 40 electric vehicles in its delivery fleet, with a commitment to increase this number to 80 by the middle of 2019, at which time all the vehicles used for delivery within the Bailiwick will be electric. 

Source: Guernsey Post

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