Development partnership between Pošta Slovenije and GEN-I

Smart Green Parcel Delivery is the future of cities

Pošta Slovenije Group and GEN-I Group have joined their forces to combine their knowledge of e-mobility. Slovenian city residents will be offered an environmentally-friendly and comprehensive delivery service using electric vehicles. On 19 June, Boris Novak, MSc, General Manager of Pošta Slovenije, and CEO of GEN-I,  Robert Golob, PhD, signed an agreement on business cooperation in the field of freight e-mobility and next-generation green delivery solutions. In the long term, the two partners wish to become the leading player in this field in the region.

Pošta Slovenije is the largest provider of postal services and one of the largest providers of logistic services in Slovenia, while GEN-I is the leading electricity supplier and trader as well as a promoter of green technologies. Together they want to be the driver of the transformation of delivery solutions, moving them from the fossil era to the e-mobility era.

The two groups have responded to the challenge of air quality improvement in urban centers while ensuring smooth operation of transport delivery flows. Citizens and business partners will be offered environmentally-friendly and efficient smart green parcel delivery services using electric vehicles that will be powered as much as possible by pure solar energy or other non-carbon sources of electricity.

Pošta Slovenije Group has been gradually electrifying its fleet since 2009, introducing and constantly testing new more environmentally friendly and more cost efficient electric vehicles. As one of the pioneers in the introduction of delivery e-mobility in Slovenia it is an ideal partner for GEN-I Group, which is increasingly focusing on self-sustaining solar energy and its use in e-mobility. In this partnership, both groups will combine their knowledge to develop innovative green delivery services that are not yet available on the market. The partner ecosystem that they are building today combines the best of both worlds – logistics and electricity.

* In the photo (from left to right): GEN-I Management Board Member Danijel Levičar, MBA, GEN-I Management Board Chairman Robert Golob, PhD, and Pošta Slovenije General Manager Boris Novak and MSc, Pošta Slovenije, Member of the Executive Management Andrej Rihter, MSc signing the agreement.

Source: Pošta Slovenije

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