DHL further expands options for preferred parcel delivery time

In future, online shoppers will be able to book a preferred time for any DHL shipment

Initially, it will be possible to select a time between 6pm and 9pm in twenty German conurbations

DHL Parcel is further expanding its services for millions of parcel recipients in Germany, offering the possibility to arrange a preferred delivery time for any DHL shipment in future. Previously, it has been possible to use the preferred time option for shipments for which e-tailers offer the service as a shipping option in their shops. In the first half of the year, DHL Parcel will be introducing the option of booking a preferred time for any shipment - regardless of the e-tailer's shipping offering. Initially, this new service will be available at a promotional price of EUR 1.99 per parcel, and at the end of the introductory period, the premium will increase to EUR 2.99 per shipment.

To begin with, recipients will be able to book an evening delivery within a three-hour window from 6pm to 9pm in 20 German conurbations, thus independently determining when they wish to receive their parcel. The service options are expected to be extended gradually.

No other parcel service provider in Germany offers a comparable service range in this regard. "As market leader in the German parcel business, it is our aim to further align the delivery of parcels with the needs and wishes of parcel recipients and thus make life easier for them. The introduction of preferred delivery times for recipient customers is a consistent further expansion of our flexible parcel delivery offering," stressed Achim Dünnwald, CEO of DHL Parcel.

With this new delivery option, DHL Parcel is offering an attractive and more targeted means of managing the receipt of shipments, and adapting more closely to the respective lifestyle requirements of its customers. The option is of particular interest to recipients who are away from home during the day but still want to have their shipments delivered to their front door. Delivery within the booked evening time slot means items will in future be delivered at the agreed time and reach their recipients directly on the first attempt. The service can be conveniently added to an order through shipment tracking or parcel notification, via which DHL Parcel informs the recipient of the anticipated delivery time, and then paid for directly online.

Source: Deutsche Post DHL

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