La Poste and SUEZ launch their joint venture, RECYGO, and RECYGO.FR: the first e-commerce site offering office waste collection and recycling solutions

La Poste and SUEZ are announcing the market launch of their joint venture specializing in office waste collection and recovery. Named RECYGO, this company, which will be up and running on 30 March, aims to provide sorting solutions to all offices, throughout France.

The role of the new company, which employs 30 people, is to design and sell collection and recycling solutions for all types of office waste, in line with the principles of a circular and solidarity-focused economy.

RECYGO solutions help companies to meet the requirements of the French law on energy transition and, in particular, the “5 flows” decree requiring all companies of more than 20 employees to sort and recycle their office paper.

Based on the valuable experience of its shareholders and expert staff, RECYGO is able to offer its customers unique advantages including:

- A regional network enabling it to reduce the environmental impact of waste recovery and apply a single rate throughout France;
- A complete range of services, regardless of the type and quantity of waste;
- A social and solidarity-based focus, by entrusting waste packaging operations to people on professional integration schemes;
- A sound knowledge of logistics processes and the development of digital tools to
guarantee traceability of waste right up to the sorting centre.

To make the service simple and accessible for its customers, the company has launched as the first e-commerce site offering sorting, collection and recycling solutions for office waste. Once the customer has chosen an appropriate solution from the range on offer and filled in their bank details, they just need to accept the quote with an electronic signature. In less than six working days, their office receives sorting containers and employees can begin to sort their waste. Offices can also select archive clearance solutions.

Corinne Sieminski, CEO of RECYGO said, “RECYGO meets a growing demand for recycling: in France, one in two people in active employment work in an office and produce 130kg of waste a year. Less than 20% of this waste is recycled (source: ADEME), yet regulations concerning business recycling are becoming more stringent. RECYGO combines recycling expertise with local presence. The innovative model created by our two companies, based on a circular and solidarity-focused economy, is endorsed. Protecting resources, boosting local employment and ensuring a regional presence are at the heart of RECYGO’s strategy.”

Source: SUEZ

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