La Poste Group: 10 startups in the running for the 3rd edition of the « Trophées des Élanceurs »: opening of the votes

10 projects were selected to compete in the « Trophées des Élanceurs » on 25 January 2018.

The shortlisted startups will be submitted to the Internet users' vote as of 5 March to choose the winners of this 3rd edition.

The list of shortlisted projects is as follows:

·         K-ryole - Electric bicycle trailer that adapts its speed to effortless movement.

·         Trycyclerie – Biking collection of bio-waste from restaurants and offices in the city centre for composting.

·         The Vegetable Garden next door - Online platform to find surplus fruit and vegetables close to home between individuals or with professionals.

·         My Ecofrugal workshop - Meetings with friends or neighbours to share zero waste solutions via a platform, and a workshop program.

·         Oasis - One-stop shop for businesses and retailers to reduce and recycle their waste, with local ESS partners.

·         Positive footprint - Platform highlighting business opportunities for ESS companies.

·         Aging well in the village – Family solidarity - Creation of a living space in the village centre with 5 housing units, including the real estate, financial and social components.

·         Water and life - Innovative support for co-ownerships in urban neighbourhoods in difficulty (management and social ties).

·         Newanity - Responsible collaborative messaging application (privacy and accessibility).

·         Rezosocial - Career path professionalizing in IT (socio-professional follow-up and training).

The themes highlighted this year are ecological transition (energy and circular economy), ethical and responsible digital technology, as well as territorial cohesion.

From 5 to 19 March, the various projects are submitted to the vote of Internet users on the Elanceurs' website.

The three winners, selected by Internet users, will receive long-term support from La Poste, which will include participation in a three-day "bootcamp" of group follow-up and in-depth sessions. La Poste will also offer individual mentoring or will  even be linking up with communities in the regions to deploy their project.

The winners will be promoted on La Poste Group's website, on social networks and at the Produrable trade fair where they will receive their prizes in front of CSR professionals. They will also benefit from "La Poste & Vous", a community that enables its members to imagine the future services of La Poste Group, which will help them build and fine tune their project.

Source: Le Groupe La Poste

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