Launch of the « Carte Grise La Poste » application

Within the framework of its innovation strategy aimed at making life easier for everyone, La Poste launched the first application on smartphone and tablet that allows you to request your vehicle registration document online and carry out this administrative process in a completely clear and secure manner.

14 February 2018

« Carte Grise La Poste » is available on Google Play and the App Store. The purchaser and/or seller of a second-hand vehicle may prepare an application or transfer file for a registration certificate and obtain its immediate registration in the vehicle registration system.


The « Carte Grise La Poste » has been granted a State authorisation guaranteeing the conformity of all administrative provisions.


“Carte Grise La Poste”: how does it work?

  1. The buyer and/or seller download(s) the "Carte Grise La Poste" application from the App Store or Google Play or directly from
  2. Each of them then fills in the form corresponding to the step taken
  3. The buyer and seller photograph the requested documents: ID and driver's licence, vehicle documents 

  4. Payment of 30€ for the buyer -excluding taxes- 10€ for the seller

  5. The buyer sends the old vehicle registration document by post
  6. The buyer receives the new vehicle registration card within 8 days and a temporary certificate within 24 hours.

La Poste provides its customers with a customer service (after-sales), the number of which is given when downloading the application.

It takes only 15 minutes to complete the transaction.

Source: Le Groupe La Poste

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