Christmas wishes come true thanks to Swiss Post

Swiss Post helps Santa Claus by answering thousands of children’s letters in the run-up to Christmas.

This year, Swiss Post is also telling Christmas stories and uploading them to Soundcloud so that everyone can listen.

Year after year, children and grown-ups write thousands of letters to Santa Claus. Even though most of these letters have imaginary addresses, Santa Claus has asked for Swiss Post’s help to make sure they still reach their recipients in Switzerland. Swiss Post collects, sorts and forwards the letters to Santa’s little helpers and returns their replies to the children.

Approximately 20,000 letters reach Swiss Post every year during the Christmas season. They are handled by a special team in Chiasso that assists Santa in answering the many children’s letters with a short story and a small gift. These gifts are prepared with lots of love and dedication by people with disabilities in special workshops.

A long tradition

Swiss Post has been sorting letters addressed to Santa Claus and taking care of answering them for over 60 years. However, this is dependent on the letter providing a return address or containing hints which lead to the right address. “It is not always that easy to work out who the sender is”, explains Moritz Succetti, who works in the Christmas team in Chiasso. “But with a little research, we managed to answer 96.26 percent of all letters last year.”

Audio stories for Christmas

This year, Swiss Post has also produced audio recordings of three of the most beautiful Christmas stories in recent years. They are available in German, French, Italian, English and Romansh. The short stories can be streamed free of charge on Soundcloud or on Swiss Post’s social media channels. A new story will be uploaded every week until Christmas:

  • 4 December: Santa Claus gets snowed in
  • 11 December: Santa Claus needs the animals’ help
  • 22 December: Little Lisa looks for a pencil

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Source: Swiss Post

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