Le Groupe La Poste is experimenting, with Thales, the optimal response to the new legal obligations on cybersecurity

Today, Le Groupe La Poste and Thales have announced the start of a 12-month trial to test and improve the implementation of the new provisions to ensure the security of the information systems from Operators of Vital Importance set out in the Act on Military Programming (LPM).

This partnership will allow Le Groupe La Poste to experiment with the confidence probe for the detection of cyber-attacks, Cybels Sensor of Thales.

With this first of its kind partnership, Le Groupe La Poste and Thales are undertaking an experimental move to improve cybersecurity products and services, to ensure a high level of detection and response to cybersecurity incidents, in line with the requirements of the LPM.

This agreement has three objectives: to experiment with the implementation and interactions among the various cybersecurity services and products, to validate the operational processes among the various actors for the exchange and sharing about the threats, and to improve the operational efficiency of products as well as services.

Thales, a cybersecurity expert for more than 40 years, will provide La Poste with its confidence probe Cybels Sensor, a modular solution for detecting cyber-attacks on IT systems, in particular those of Operators of Vital Importance, which are subject to greater security obligations. The probe integrates artificial intelligence algorithms that also improve detection capabilities by identifying unknown intrusions. Enhanced by a Cyber Threat Intelligence service, the probe will be tested on particularly high data rates (10 Gbps) via PASIv2, La Poste's innovative Internet access platform.

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Source: Le Groupe La Poste

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