CTT Portugal Post the 2017 winner of our brand new Innovation Award

PostEurop is proud to announce CTT Portugal Post as the winner of the first ever edition of the Innovation Award. The award ceremony took place during a gala dinner in our Plenary Assembly in Bucharest, Romania.


The Innovation Award was created by the PostEurop Operational Activities Circle (OAC), following some inspiring discussions that took place on OAC's Innovation Forum.  PostEurop aims to further raise awareness amongst Members, about what Postal Operators are doing to effectively improve and innovate their services. Therefore, the objective of this Innovation Award is to foster a stronger affinity and engagement in innovation concepts, ideas and findings among our Members in a consistent and continuous manner. Through the Award, PostEurop would like to recognise Members’ accomplishments in this area.

In this first-time edition, PostEurop had the pleasure to receive from its Members twelve different submissions, all were remarkable projects with innovative solutions for the development of the Postal Sector. A jury* comprised of the following Individuals were tasked to analyse all of the submitted entries and cast their votes for the winning project. 

  • Botond Szebeny - PostEurop Secretary General – President
  • Jürgen Lohmeyer – Chair of the OAC – Vice-President
  • João Melo – Chair of the Innovation Forum – Vice-President
  • Marjan Osvald – Chair of the Market Activities Circle
  • Nathalie Ganzel – Chair of the Corporate Social Responsibility Activities-Circle
  • Olga Zhitnikova – Chair of the Best Practices-Wider Europe Transversal
  • David Pilkington – Chair of the Security Customs Transversal

*Jury Members were not allowed to vote for their own company's submission

" Looking at the quality and fresh ideas present in these projects, I am delighted to see that Postal Operators are on the right track when it comes to innovation and that they further develop their operational and business models. In a fast-evolving market, we need these Innovations. For the Jury, it was quite a difficult and challenging task to elect only one winner among all these great entries.  In this first round of our new award we clearly see all participants as winners!" said Jürgen Lohmeyer, Chair of the PostEurop OAC.

We would thus  like to congratulate Österreichische Post (Austria), Hellenic Post S.A.- ELTA (Greece), Lietuvos Paštas (Lithuania), Latvijas Pasts (Latvia), Malta Post p.l.c. (Malta), Russian Post (Russia), Pošta Slovenije (Slovenia), S.E. Correos y Telegrafos S.A. S.M.E (Spain), Swiss Post (Switzerland), PTT Turkish Post (Turkey) and JSC Ukrposhta (Ukraine) for their  interesting and highly valuable submissions.

The Innovation Award procedure will recommence next year.  The entries will be made available to Members after the Innovation Forum which will take place on 2 November in Lisbon, Portugal.


(From left to right: João Melo (Chair of the Innovation Forum), Botond Szebeny (PE Secretary General), Maire Lodi (Coordinator of the OAC), Dahlia Preziosa (Vice-Chair of the Innovation Forum), Jürgen Lohmeyer (Chair of the OAC), Graça Oliveira (CTT Portugal Post), Oliver Kaliski (Österreichische Post), Aimé Theubet (Swiss Post), Dana Galvina (Latvijas Pasts), Efrosyni Stavraki (Hellenic Post S.A.- ELTA), Tadas Drunga (Lietuvos Paštas), Christian Calleja (Malta Post p.l.c.), Olga Zhitnikova (Russian Post), Simona Bratusa, Marko Grden (Pošta Slovenije), Beatriz Galván (S.E. Correos y Telegrafos S.A. S.M.E) and Candan Senyüz (PTT Turkish Post)).


For more information, please contact:

Cynthia Wee-Neumann 
Communications Manager
T: +2 2 773 11 92

André Feio
Communications Assistant
T: +2 2 773 11 54

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