Le Groupe La Poste, Posti and bpost Awarded the PostEurop 2017 CSR "Coups de Coeur"

PostEurop proudly announced the winners of the 2017 "CSR Coups de Cœur" awards during its Plenary Assembly on 28 September in Bucharest, Romania.

For the fourth consecutive year, the awards highlighted best practices in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) amongst European Postal Operators in the areas of Employee, Society and Environment.

The “Coup de Coeur” for Employee was awarded to Le Groupe La Poste for their “Accompanying caregivers’ employee’s initiatives” programme. In order to foster quality working conditions several programmes were developed for their caregivers’ employees. Receiving the award on behalf of Le Groupe La Poste is Béatrice Roux, Directrice des Affaires Internationales.  “The La Poste Group has developed a number of programs to identify an increasing number of caregivers amongst employees, who are sometimes unaware. Taking this situation into account quickly has a direct impact on the health of employees and cascades onto their performance within the company. This issue is a major one for the years to come which must be addressed today” said Béatrice Roux.  See video from Le Groupe La Poste.

Posti was awarded the "Coup de Coeur” for Society in recognition of their work developed in “Improving road safety through digitalization”.  In partnership with the Work Efficiency Institute and with the VTT Technical Institute of Finland, Posti developed this data sharing exchange, providing the truck driver with real-time information. “This initiative from Posti can be a great example on how Big Data can improve citizens’ lives by simply measuring and analysing the data that is being collected on a regular basis, using the sensors that were installed in our delivery trucks. This way, we are able not only to measure traffic conditions, but also to measure weather or road pavement conditions, which can be shared live with other drivers, thus increasing road safety” said Nora Laaksonen, Posti Head of International who received the award on behalf of Posti.  See video from Posti.

Finally, the “Coup de Coeur” for Environment was awarded to bpost for their original program “Beepost”.  This initiative began with populating the terraces of their Brussels Headquarters with bee hives, in order to provide bees with a safe place to build their colonies.  Julien Crutzen, Regulatory Expert, who accepted the award on behalf of bpost stated “Over the recent years we have been seen a tremendous drop in bee populations throughout many cities in the world. As we need these great insects in order to maintain the sustainability of our Planet, it is with great pleasure that I see this project of bpost to kick-off so well.  It provides the bees with a safe haven where they can increase their population and guarantee the continuation of pollination in Brussels.”  See video from bpost

Several external experts with experience in CSR participated to the final jury for the selection of the 2017 Coups de Coeur. Like in 2016, there was an increase in the number of the submitted entries, which made the jury extremely pleased to see that Postal Operators are investing so much creativity and quality in these CSR exchanges. 

Congratulations to all the winners.


(Caption from left to right: Nathalie Ganzel (Chair of the CSR Circle), Béatrice Roux (Le Groupe La Poste), Julien Crutzen (bpost), Nora Laaksonen (Posti), Jean-Paul Forceville (Chairman of PostEurop), and Botond Szebeny (Secretary General of PostEurop)).


For more information and to obtain a copy of the CSR brochure, please contact:

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The nominees for the pre-selection among the 49 initiatives collected this year are as followed.





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