European Postal Operators meet in Bucharest

The European postal Industry has been undergoing substantial change over the last two decades with the decline in letter mail and increase in parcel delivery due to e-commerce.

Bucharest, 27 September 2017

Postal operators are aware of the impact evolving technologies, and new Innovations have on the organisation and its business.  From shifting to ecological transportation, to state-of-the-art sorting machines, to postal mobile applications, these new developments can help postal operators improve operational quality and help better serve customers.

This year, Posta Romana, the National Postal Operator for Romania will host the PostEurop Plenary Assembly in Bucharest.  The three-day event brings together over 52 European Postal operators, CEOs and dignitaries from the Universal Postal Union (UPU).   As one of the 26 founding members of PostEurop, Posta Romana has actively participated from the beginning of the industry evolution and growth at international both in the UPU and at PostEurop.  The Romanian Post has evolved over the years, within the framework provided by PostEurop and the UPU, which is extremely complex and valuable. Moreover, Romanian Post is at its second mandate as a member in the Management Board of PostEurop. Due to its remarkable input and devotion, this year, Romanian Post has the honor to host the 2017 PostEurop Plenary Assembly. The event will take place between the 27th and the 29th of September and will gather 150 representatives of the European postal administrations.

"Posta Romana's active role in the Management Board in helping to shape the strategy and direction of this association is well appreciated by our membership.  We were delighted when Posta Romana offered to host our Plenary Assembly and Business Forum this year, which brings us back to Bucharest. The PostEurop Plenary Assembly is coming at a crucial time for the postal industry, when modern technology dominates most of our traditional markets. The Postal operators continue to innovate the industry, by diversifying their products to fit the new demands of the business environment" said Jean-Paul Forceville, Chairman of the PostEurop Management Board.

Throughout its international activity, Romanian Post aims to increase the cooperation with other European postal operators and to stimulate the exchange of know-how in order to respond to some of the challenges the postal sector is facing, with new innovative solutions that are suitable for the changing needs of customers. Furthermore, at the initiative of Romanian Post, a Strategic Group of Postal Operators in South-East Europe was created.

Its main objectives are providing support in accessing available European funds and the promotion of regional interests within the international organizations.
One of the most important guests at this event is the General Diector of UPU, Mr. Bishar A. Hussein. Last year, he was elected for a second mandate at the leadership of the International Bureau of Universal Postal Union.

Bishar A.Hussein states, “starting with 2004, Romania has been represented both in the Council of Administration of the UPU and in the Postal Operational Council and has had an excellent contribution to the strategic activity of the Union, working in full agreement with the other member states for the constant development of the international digital economy and postal regulations. I will take advantage of the fact that 2017 PostEurop Plenary Assembly is held by Romania to thank the Romanian Government and the Romanian Post for all the support they have offered in all of UPU’s works and efforts. The topics of discussion have been carrefully chosen because we believe the post is a powerfull industry, with millions of employees, that can contribute greatly to social economic development of nations.”

Rares Stanciu, CEO of Romanian Post: “I would like to thank member countries and all participants present here for their support to make this event a success. Hosting the 2017 PostEurop Plenary Assembly by Romanian Post is a great honor. It is the third time that Romanian Post has this responsibility and it is my expectation that this event is going to play a key role in empowering and facilitating the Post to enhance its global role. I am confident that the direct contact with other members of PostEurop will facilitate the possibilities of regional multilateral partnership opportunities through strategic engagement and will help Romanian Post enhance its existing relationships. At this moment, the strategy of Romanian Post fits into the evolutionary of the postal industry.”

About PostEurop

PostEurop is the association which represents European public postal operators. It is committed to supporting and developing a sustainable and competitive European postal market accessible to all customers and ensuring a modern and affordable universal service. The members of PostEurop represent 2.0 million employees across Europe and service up to 800 million customers daily through over 175,000 counters.

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About UPU

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) was created in 1874 and is an intergovernmental organization that sets the rules and standards that enable its 192 member countries to exchange international mail and parcels. The UPU represents the primary forum for cooperation between governments, Posts and other stakeholders of the worldwide postal sector. The entity is responsible for maintaining an universal network that provides modern products and quality services for consumers. The UPU is the United Nations specialized agency for postal services.



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