Omniva selected the constructor of the new logistics centre

Omniva concluded a contract with the winners of the construction procurement of the new logistics centre: Eventus Ehitus and Nordecon Betoon (NOBE).

The construction of the centre, located near Jüri, will begin in the coming weeks and will be completed by the autumn of next year.

The planned logistics centre, which occupies some 13,000 square meters and will be the most modern in the Baltic states, will handle all parcels and letters sent to Estonia, within Estonia, and from Estonia. The establishment of a new logistics centre is Omniva’s largest investment ever, as its total cost with the sorting technology is 17.2 million euros.

According to Ansi Arumeel, Member of the Board of Omniva, all developments and trends in the logistics field show that the construction of the centre is a highly justified decision. ‘Today, we have completed nearly half of the 17 million euro project of the logistics centre – the planning. Now, we will move on to a much more visible part – the realisation of the plans, that is, the construction of the building and the implementation of the technology,’ Arumeel explained. According to him, the selection of the constructor of the new logistics centre is a step closer to the new stage in the company’s history.

Magnus Velling, Member of the Board of NOBE, says that Omniva’s logistics centre is a challenge to the contractor in terms of volume, complexity, and construction. ‘We have had several successful joint building projects with Eventus Ehitus and our teams have worked together, which is why we are convinced that the work ahead is fully feasible and we are excited to start working,’ added Velling.

According to Lauri Kaska, Head of Eventus Ehitus, Omniva’s logistics centre is a logical continuation to the company’s warehouse and production buildings the company has constructed. ‘In recent years, this type of work has been a major part of our portfolio, so we have the opportunity to use our knowledge in the best possible way. Our partnership with the experienced team of NOBE will surely add value to the project,’ said Kaska.

In the main part, the logistics centre will be a one-storey building, but there will be two floors in the smaller office wing. In the new building, 200 employees will work in production and 75 in the office. According to the plans, the company wishes to manage the Christmas volumes of the next year at the new centre.

Omniva’s new logistics centre will be located in Rae municipality near Tallinn, which means that it will have a good logistical location and opportunities for further expansion. Last year, Omniva purchased 70,000 square meters of land for the new logistics centre. The building will occupy 13,000 square meters of it, so there will be room for expansion in the future.

The principal activity of Omniva Group is providing postal, logistics, and information logistics services and processing e-invoices. In addition to the parent company, AS Eesti Post, the group consists of subsidiaries and affiliated companies. The principal activity of SIA Omniva and UAB Omniva LT is providing the parcel machine and courier service on the Latvian and Lithuanian markets. AS Maksekeskus offers payment solutions to companies in e-commerce in the Baltic region. OÜ Post11 provides international logistical complete solutions for delivering goods all over the world.

The average number of employees in the group across the Baltic states was 2,244 in 2016; the turnover in 2016 was 95.8 million euros.

NOBE or Nordecon Betoon OÜ, founded in 2000, is a general contractor and concrete work company that offers a complete construction service from designing the building to completing it. Since April 2017, the company uses the trademark NOBE. NOBE employs nearly 155 people.

Eventus Ehitus OÜ, founded in 2005, is a general contractor and project management company.

Source: Omniva

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