Swiss Post committed to basic training

Swiss Post fosters young talent and is one of the biggest training companies in Switzerland.

734 apprentices have successfully completed their basic vocational training in 2017. The new apprentices began their training programmes in 13 different professions. Applications have been able to be submitted since 1 August for apprenticeships beginning in summer 2018. 

734 apprentices have successfully completed their basic vocational training at Swiss Post this summer and in doing so have made the leap into the working world. Around a third of them attained an overall grade of 5.0 or above, with 9.3 percent even achieving a grade of 5.3 or higher. Over 300 of the successful apprenticeship graduates can continue to be employed by Swiss Post.

The apprentices will simultaneously begin their training in the fields of ICT, logistics, retail, commercial professions and maintenance. With more than 2,000 apprenticeship places in total in 13 different professions, Swiss Post is one of the largest training companies in Switzerland. Swiss Post is constantly developing its range of apprenticeships according to market requirements and is making a targeted investment in ICT specialists. For example, a new apprenticeship to become an ICT specialist will be offered for the first time in the 2018 training year. Additionally, the practically oriented Bachelor’s degree in information technology (PiBS) will enter its third year. Applications for the 710 apprenticeship places starting in summer 2018 have been able to be submitted since the beginning of August.

Attractive training

The proven rotation system offers apprentices an insight into different working areas. By doing so, they acquire a wide range of experience in dealing with customers, team members and management. It is also possible to spend periods of time in other language regions, as Swiss Post operates throughout Switzerland.

Swiss Post apprentices are promoting the wide range of options themselves. Training options are presented on the redesigned website via a large number of profiles and videos. Swiss Post also attends numerous careers fairs. More information can be found at

Source: Swiss Post

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