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Pošta Slovenije opens its first state-of-the-art PS 24/7 outdoor self-service post office unit

Pošta Slovenije has opened its first state-of-the-art outdoor self-service post office unit, called the PS 24/7, at the Rudnik shopping centre in Ljubljana. This outdoor self-service unit offers customers easy access to selected postal and banking services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As well as a PS Paketomat automated parcel machine, the unit comprises a Nova KBM cash machine and a vending machine containing selected pharmaceutical products from Lekarne Ljubljana. The self-service outdoor unit is a development of the self-service POŠTA 24/7 unit introduced last December inside post office 1101 in Ljubljana and complements the network of 24 modern automated parcel machines in major cities around Slovenia. In the future, Pošta Slovenije plans to install autonomous self-service units in all major towns and cities around Slovenia, in easily accessible locations with 24-hour access and high footfall. The company expects to open 20 units by the end of 2021.

The Pošta Slovenije PS 24/7 self-service unit in Ljubljana consists of several interconnected vending machines offering customers a range of services. Customers can post standard letters and buy a range of envelopes and parcel boxes, postcards, picture postcards, postage stamps and other products from a post office vending machine. The automated parcel machine offers a simple way to receive and send parcels, while the Nova KBM cash machine allows customers to deposit or withdraw cash and pay bills. The Lekarne Ljubljana vending machine offers a selected range of pharmaceutical products. The unit is specially constructed to enable it to be moved to a different location and to allow the adaptation of services to the needs of users in the new location. 

Pošta Slovenije wishes to remain the leading provider of postal, logistics and IT services in Slovenia. With this aim in mind, it keeps a close eye on developments in postal services and logistics around the world and implements the necessary changes in its activities and its relationship with customers. Through the innovations it is constantly introducing, it is better able to meet the needs and wishes of customers, in particular with regard to access to services.

Source: Pošta Slovenije

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