DHL reinvents premium road freight product Freight Eurapid

High-quality service now covers 105 destinations in 22 countries

  • New product features: same-day pick-up and Pre12 delivery service

DHL Freight has extended and optimized its premium less-than-truckload (LTL) product Eurapid. The high-quality service is now available for 105 destinations in 22 European countries, handling international day-definite groupage shipments in main economic centers. DHL Freight Eurapid ensures priority treatment of shipments and thereby offers customers extremely short delivery times. The service for shipments up to 2,500kg now also compiles same-day pick-up. Furthermore, customers can now also book the value added service Pre12 delivery in selected areas. The enhancements are available as of July 2017.

"The DHL Freight Eurapid service complements our existing product portfolio with a premium groupage service for general cargo," says Uwe Brinks, CEO DHL Freight. "The latest enhancements mark another step of our new strategy 'Freight 2020' with the clear set goal to offer the highest possible level of quality, speed and reliability within our services. For instance customers from the technology, textile and fashion industries demand higher frequencies and reliable processing. With the relaunch of DHL Freight Eurapid, we meet these requirements and connect Europe's major markets seamlessly."

Premium service: utmost care, reliable execution and attention for LTL shipments

DHL Freight Eurapid offers prioritized handling and scheduled door-to-door delivery on a daily basis while guaranteeing fast and reliable deliveries to 22 countries via 105 terminals. The service compiles priority handling of shipments throughout the entire journey, starting from the booking process, boarding to delivery with premium service all along. The priority booking service guarantees planning reliability, immediate price information as a part of a flexible and digital order management. Priority boarding with the newly added same-day pick-up service as well as special handling during loading not only ensures fast processing and delivery but ensures enhanced security procedures while booking validation and confirmation prevent delays as a result of incorrect or incomplete shipment information. Furthermore a Pre12 Delivery is available optionally. Customers also benefit from committed lead times and scheduled arrival days while standardized reports on delivery times extend the service. Shipping processes are accompanied by a high-skilled and dedicated customer service team.

The DHL Freight Eurapid service is built on the back-bone of the Freight Euroconnect network. With operating on more than 2,000 international lines across Europe the DHL Freight Euroconnect network stands for a seamless, cost efficient door-to-door service.

As the world's leading logistics provider it's within the DNA of DHL to evaluate its customer's needs and leverage their high quality standards. The enhanced services of Eurapid are another proof point for DHL Freight living its own ambitious standards by reducing lead times and striving for quality leadership.

Source: Deutsche Post DHL

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