Omniva’s customer service worthy of the most renowned postal and logistics award

Omniva reached the finals of the prestigious World Post & Parcel Awards for its excellence in delivery and customer service.

Over the years Omniva Latvia has shown excellent customer satisfaction numbers both among private and business clients. With almost two-fold business growth every year, customer satisfaction numbers are far above industry average.

„It is a great accomplishment. Omniva is the only company in the Baltics that has managed to join up with the best and is competing for the World Post & Parcel Awards,“ commented Joona Saluveer, CEO of Omniva.

 In 2016, Omniva Latvia business customer satisfaction index TRI*M grew from 89 to 97 (on a scale from -50 to +0), whereas the industry average in Europe is for service companies 66 and for utilities companies even 63. “We have managed to grow customer satisfaction index in a highly competitive market,” said Saluveer. Latvian market itself grows ca 15% a year, Omniva Latvia has grown almost two-fold every year last 4 years.

Private customer satisfaction is measured by NPS and is 8,7 (out of 10). According to Saluveer, clients love the fast and easy service that has been groundbreaking in Latvia since 2013. The growth of Omniva in Latvia and all across the Baltic States is supported by e-commerce and especially the rapid increase in ordering goods from abroad. Omniva has rapidly expanded its parcel machine network in order to keep up with the growing e-commerce

Expanding the parcel machine network last year by 53%, Omniva made customers’ access also easier. Currently, Omniva has 85 parcel machines in Latvia. With the 124 parcel machines in Estonia and 67 machines in Lithuania, this constitutes the largest parcel machine network in the Baltic area. Omniva is planning to expand and diversify the network further in 2017 by installing various types of parcel machines depending on the needs of specific areas and the use of the service. 

Sending parcels via Omniva parcel machine network is the fastest and most convenient way for sending parcels. Since the parcel machines are located outside, receiving the parcel is convenient as it can be picked up at any time that suits the customer best. 

The World Post & Parcel Awards is the global platform to recognise and promote mail and express excellence. Mail and express operators from all over the world compete to win these highly coveted awards, covering the key areas of mail and express operations. The winners of each category were announced at the World Post & Parcel Awards Gala in Paris on 7th of June. All current finalists of World Mail Awards can be seen here.

Source: Omniva

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