Isle of Man Post Office Launches 360 Degree Mailing Solution

Isle of Man Post Office's specialist communications business unit Integrated Mailing Solutions (IMS) is pleased to announce the full launch of its 360 degree mailing campaign solution.

The 360 Degree service allows businesses to outsource their print, fulfilment, mailing, response handling and document and data management processes to experts IMS, enabling its clients to focus on essential tasks. The offering is designed to support businesses in a cost effective manner whilst ensuring data is kept totally secure. All of IMS's services, processes and procedures have been approved by the highest international standards ISO9001 for quality and ISO27001 for data security.

During 2016 IMS worked with the Cabinet Office of Isle of Man Government to assist with the completion of the 2016 Interim Census by utilising IMS's 360 Degree solution. IMS printed and fulfilled the Census forms which were then delivered by the Isle of Man Post Office to approximately 37,000 occupied households and then IMS managed the processing and data capture from the returned forms and provided data to the Cabinet Office on a daily basis using its 360 Degree Omnidox. A document management system specifically created to support mailing campaigns that can be accessed by clients on a self-serve basis. Niall Carey, Isle of Man Post Office Interim Commercial Director, said: "The 360 Degree offering is a fantastic package which incorporates all the key services into one slick package.

It enables our customers to introduce efficiencies to their businesses and have the reassurance that we have all the right controls in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity and control of their data by the accreditations we hold, so demonstrating our absolute commitment to their needs." "The solution has now been rolled out to a number of other businesses on and off the Isle of Man in the financial sector. Our clients have found it surpasses their requirements and provides one business solution for their needs." Lisa Duckworth, Isle of Man Post Office Interim CEO, added: "We're excited with the future potential that the 360 Degree product offers. The feedback we have received so far from our clients has been very good and demonstrates our capability now extends much further than physical mailings. This is a key milestone in the delivery of our digital strategy."

For more information about IMS's 360 Degree mailing solution contact our team on 01624 698444 or visit

Source: Isle of Man Post Office

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